NetApp introduces new flash and hybrid flash systems, software, Splunk solution

NetApp announced on Tuesday its EF570 all-flash array and E5700 hybrid flash systems. These NetApp systems provide ideal price/performance for both IOPS and MB/s, and they are initial NVMe-enabled enterprise class systems available in the market. In addition, a new NetApp converged infrastructure solution for data analytics was announced, as well as new and enhanced SANtricity software.

The systems provide extreme performance of about one million IOPS and 21GBps throughput, sub-100 microsecond latency and give support for 100Gb NVMe over InfiniBand. It delivers high price/performance points for both IOPS and MB/s, as demonstrated by SPC-1 and SPC-2 benchmark tests, 367TB in modular 2U, scale to 1.8PB, and comes integrated with the NetApp Data Fabric. It also offers a modern, on-box, browser-based GUI, full suite of APIs and application plug-ins and fourth-generation all-flash-optimized system.

Getting value and insights for performance-sensitive workloads such as data analytics, critical databases and video surveillance can differentiate the organization from its competitors. These new systems and software can turbocharge access to data to derive value faster.

The new and enhanced software includes NetApp Converged Infrastructure Solution for Data Analytics that brings together the latest storage, networking, and server technologies in a pretested, pre-validated reference architecture to help simplify deployment of Splunk environments. The SANtricity Cloud Connector enables Data Fabric capabilities by providing cost-effective backup and recovery to the cloud from E/EF-Series systems; now provides Amazon S3, NetApp StorageGRID and NetApp AltaVault.

The software also delivers SANtricity 11.4 features security enhancements such as role-based access control and audit log, Active Directory support, and an external key manager, and SANtricity System Manager manages EF570 and E5700 Series systems from any location, at any time, through an easy-to-use, on-box, web-based interface.

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