Infoworks debuts end-to-end automated big data warehousing platform in the cloud Inc., provider of automated big data warehousing, announced Wednesday availability of the Infoworks Cloud Big Data Warehouse, an automated end-to-end data warehousing platform in the cloud that empowers enterprises to rapidly build and deploy big data use-cases in days instead of months.

The Infoworks Cloud Big Data Warehouse enables enterprises to reduce management complexity of their big data infrastructure, improve time-to-value, and empower users to rapidly innovate. Infoworks provides complete data warehousing functionality on a single platform, from enterprise-to-cloud data ingestion and synchronization, data transformation, and the building of data models and cubes. The product is available as a fully managed platform on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Enterprises are looking to the cloud to increase flexibility and reduce complexity of data infrastructure. However, migrating existing use-cases or deploying new analytics use-cases on cloud platforms is complex, manually intensive and does not provide the performance or timely access to data required by business users. Automating the cloud big data warehouse empowers enterprises to rapidly migrate and implement analytics use-cases while gaining flexibility in cost and infrastructure requirements.

The Infoworks Big Data Warehouse Platform, which has been deployed in some of the largest enterprises in the world, leverages decades of experience in big data warehousing, software automation and machine learning to deliver end-to-end automation and enable self-service analytics. Infoworks is headquartered in Silicon Valley and funded by Centerview Capital Technology, Nexus Venture Partners, and Knoll Ventures.

The Infoworks Cloud Big Data Warehouse Platform is the first and only automated, end-to-end platform for rapidly implementing big data use-cases such as EDW Augmentation, Advanced Analytics, Self-Service BI, and ETL Offload. With the intelligent automation of Infoworks, organizations can build and deploy big data use-cases in days instead of months.

Infoworks automatically crawls and continuously synchronizes data onto the big data warehouse, automatically organizes data for enterprise use-cases, dynamically adapts to data and schema changes, and optimizes data for high-performance, interactive business user access with any analytics and visualization tools of their choice. The Infoworks Platform includes the Enterprise Cloud Bridge, which securely synchronizes data from enterprise and non-enterprise sources into the cloud.

With Infoworks, organizations can build and deploy big data use-cases in days instead of months through the use of automation. Infoworks eliminates the need to integrate disparate point solutions. Organizations are further empowered and enabled to go from data sources to business insight in less time.

Infoworks includes a visual, interactive, drag-and-drop data transformation designer. This enables users to work interactively with very large data sets, in a collaborative and workflow-centric user interface, thus reducing dependency on IT skills.

Infoworks automatically organizes data models for high-performance access to the data for multiple business applications and use cases including OLAP, SQL, ODBC, API, R, advanced analytics and others. Infoworks also builds fully pre-aggregated OLAP cubes that provide sub-second query responses.

Infoworks creates assets in big data environments that can be consumed by business units across the organization in a code free environment. The organization can identify user roles that allow access to source data or pre-built data pipelines, models, and/or cubes.

“We are enabling enterprises to rapidly modernize their data warehouse environments both on premise and in the cloud, and derive strategic value from their big data initiatives,” said Amar Arsikere, CEO and co-founder of Infoworks. “The unprecedented level of automation built into the Infoworks platform enables enterprises to rapidly design and deploy big data analytics use-cases without any coding.”

“As more and more data is stored in big data platforms, enterprises are looking for products and services that help them manage their Hadoop-based data warehouses in the cloud or on premise, to reduce management complexity and improve the time to value,” said Matt Aslett, research director, data platforms and analytics, 451 Research. “Infoworks is a strong addition to the data management sector, offering a combination of ease of use and end-to-end functionality for which customers would otherwise have to assemble a variety of point products and services.”

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