DataLocker launches Kingston, IronKey, Sentry encrypted USB devices with McAfee security technology

DataLocker Inc., provider of enterprise encryption solutions – hardware encrypted storage devices, encrypted cloud storage, and central management systems, announced on Wednesday that its managed Kingston DataTraveler, IronKey and Sentry Encrypted USB devices are now enhanced with embedded technology from McAfee, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies.

The DataLocker product line offers new, next-generation encrypted USB storage devices that protects data from known and unknown vulnerabilities by actively monitoring and analyzing data stored on the USB devices, and proactively blocks attempted attacks.

The hardware, embedded with McAfee technology scans the DataLocker managed USB devices upon each use, detecting and cleaning malware from the device and reporting back to SafeConsole or IronKey EMS, so admins will know exactly which devices were infected and how they were sanitized.

With McAfee technology integrated into the encrypted USB devices, organizations stay compliant and avoid incidents that can result in high maintenance and service costs. This is possible by using DataLocker’s central management software solutions: IronKey EMS and SafeConsole, which allow enterprises to control, inventory, audit, and create compliance reports for its encrypted USB flash drives.

DataLocker anti-malware service allows administrators to enable autorun malware defense as a key feature to meet and exceed these requirements. With an on-board antivirus that scans the files being stored on the secure mobile storage device, users can protect files against viruses, worms, trojan horses and other malware threats when the device is being utilized on a Windows system.

The SafeConsole technology gains complete and granular control over encrypted USB flash drives and portable hard drives with the SafeConsole central management server software; achieves compliance for USB storage usage, with full control and audit; and keeps the productivity benefits of USB storage devices – without the risks of malware, data leaks and breaches.

McAfee and DataLocker believe that having McAfee Anti-Malware on USBs is a critical component of an organizations strategy in protecting sensitive data. To allow organizations to try the solution, DataLocker is allowing new customers to try McAfee Anti-Malware for free for 90 days.

“Some of the largest cyber security breaches have been initiated with infected USB drives. Using encrypted USB drives protected with McAfee security technology is the smart choice for enterprises who require the use of portable storage devices but are serious about protecting their organizations from viruses, spyware, Trojans, and other threats,” says Jay Kim, CEO and founder for DataLocker.

“We are excited to partner with DataLocker, the leader in encrypted storage solutions. Their partnership with McAfee shows how serious they are about creating market leading security products that protect enterprises around the world,” says Tom Moore, Vice President of Worldwide OEM Sales for McAfee.

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