Virtuozzo boosts storage for containers offerings with availability of latest Kubernetes offering

Virtuozzo, a hyperconverged infrastructure software provider, announced Monday availability of Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes. The solution solves persistent storage selection problems for cloud native environments and applications for Kubernetes (K8s) production deployments.

A purely software-defined storage solution that runs on commodity hardware, Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes provides easy-to-use, container-friendly storage with native integration and simplified deployment and management.

Virtuozzo’s latest application container storage solution for K8s adds to to its existing solution for Docker containers, which received Docker EE certification in June, providing persistent storage support for containerization platforms.  

Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes is built on top of the Virtuozzo software-defined storage solution and runs seamlessly in K8s environments, enabled by three key integrations. It includes Virtuozzo Storage Provisioner that provides dynamic volume provisioning based on pre-configured storage classes that contain all the requirements for a particular volume; Virtuozzo Snapshot Controller that implements the K8s 1.7 aggregation API and provides snapshotting functionality for K8s volumes; and Virtuozzo Storage FlexVolume Driver that provides mount volumes on K8s nodes.

Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes is centered around providing flexible and intuitive management tools, based upon a carefully designed and tested management panel UI. This allows users to monitor and manage storage clusters and additional storage services (like iSCSI targets and object storage), while also enabling them to control K8s native storage-related objects and define storage classes and automatic snapshotting policies.

Virtuozzo Storage is a software-defined solution that enables users to build fault-tolerant, multi-machine storage clusters using off-the-shelf hardware. It works with any workload or type of data, including block, file, object and container storage.

Virtuozzo Storage delivers a highly flexible, highly available distributed storage solution that easily scales, comes with built-in replication to ensure the safety of data and features erasure coding to drive maximum efficiency.

Additional features and benefits of Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes include deep integration with the K8s Storage Management Model – Enables cluster connections through native K8s secrets and snapshots management via a native API aggregation; assign Storage Classes in two clicks with configuration options for volumes available for storage classes; provides added data protection with easy scheduling and policy management; delivers flexible redundancy schemas for storage, as well as a highly available control plane ensure that infrastructure is still manageable after a node failure; and can be deployed and managed clusters using a set of simple actions.

“As application containers surge toward mainstream adoption, storage in production environments has proved challenging for users of the major containerization platforms, especially across dynamic multi-server deployments,” said George Karidis, chief executive officer at Virtuozzo. “With our latest Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes solution, we’re delivering a tightly integrated, production-ready solution for K8s that makes it very easy for any enterprise, small business or service provider to put containerized apps into production.”

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