Apricorn delivers compatibility between Aegis Configurator and keypad-authenticated secure product line

Apricorn, manufacturer of software-free, hardware-encrypted USB drives, released on Thursday the Aegis Configurator for IT professionals in highly regulated industries including banking, government, education, legal and healthcare. The Aegis Configurator is available online for $99.

The configurator simultaneously sets up multiple Apricorn encrypted external drives in a matter of seconds and provides the ability to create and save an infinite number of master profile settings that can be used over and over for future device configurations. Initially, the Aegis Configurator was compatible only with the Aegis Secure Key 3z, which was released concurrently with the Configurator in January 2017.

Based on the positive response from early adopters and independent evaluators of the initial release, effective Sept 1, 2017, all of Apricorn’s keypad-authenticated secure devices can be set up using the Aegis Configurator, saving time and money for deployments of any size.

The Aegis Configurator is compatible with theAegis Secure Key 3z (first device to be configurable); Aegis Secure Key 3.0 (highest storage capacity in class at 480GB); Aegis Padlock 3.0 (Apricorn’s original encrypted device, redesigned); Aegis Fortress 3.0 (FIPS validated); Aegis Padlock DT and DT FIPS (desktop high-capacity drives up to 10TB storage); and Padlock SSD (compatibility coming online in the fourth quarter).

Features shared by Aegis Configurator compatible devices include separate administrator and user modes for added convenience; unique PIN must be established at setup which eliminates factory default PIN vulnerability; administrator can program device at setup requiring user to establish a unique PIN upon first use, and designate minimum and maximum PIN Lengths (7-16 characters) to increase password complexity.

It also includes Data Recovery PINs; option that suspends device lock function during USB port re-enumeration; select the number of consecutive invalid PIN attempts permitted (4-20) before crypto-erase; and programmable length of time of inactivity permitted before drive locks itself. When programmed and activated, it performs a crypto-erase and becomes new access PIN, and includes an option that visually confirms successful button presses with blinking LEDs.

“Beyond being exponentially faster than manually configuring devices, the Aegis Configurator also generates a secure log file capturing the settings of individual devices at time of setup,” said Paul Brown, president of Apricorn. “We’ve developed these new capabilities with speed and ease of use in mind to address the challenges of today’s overly stretched IT teams.”


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