Mellanox debuts SN2010 data center Ethernet switch system for storage, hyperconverged infrastructures

Mellanox Technologies announced on Tuesday availability of the Spectrum-based SN2010 Open Ethernet switch system. Featuring 18 ports of 10/25GbE plus four ports of 100GbE, the SN2010 is a space-efficient member of the Spectrum switch series and allows a smooth migration from 10/25GbE server connectivity to higher speed (40/50/100GbE) uplinks.

The SN2010 configuration combines 18 discrete SFP+ ports for connectivity to 10/25GbE servers/storage nodes, with four QSFP28 ports, thereby addressing a rich ecosystem of 10/25GE through 100GE interconnect and complementing the Mellanox solution portfolio. The SN2010 offers a modern entry-level solution that addresses a range of needs for growing businesses, including colocation deployments to disaster recovery sites.

Like the other members of the SN2000 series of Spectrum switches, the new SN2010 is an ideal choice for hyperconverged and storage infrastructures, due to the system’s unique hardware design, high performance ASIC, and superior price performance. SN2010 introduces low latency for 10/25GbE and 100GbE switching, features a robust implementation of data, control and management planes in a compact form factor and low power consumption.

The SN2000 series provides ideal spine and top of rack (ToR) solutions, allowing maximum flexibility, with port speeds spanning from 10Gb/s to 100 Gb/s per port and port density that enables full rack connectivity to any server at any speed. The uplink ports allow a variety of blocking ratios that suit any application requirement. Powered by the Spectrum ASIC, the SN2000 series carries a whopping switching capacity of up to 6.4Tb/s with a landmark 9.52Bpps processing capacity in a compact 1RU form factor.

Sized to fit in half of a standard single 19-inch rack unit, two SN2010 switches can be installed side by side into the same space required by a common top-of-rack switch, offering server and uplink connectivity with the built-in resiliency of two top-of-rack switches. Its unique form factor combined with ultra-low latency and zero-packet-loss design make it the ideal Ethernet Storage Fabric switch for 10/25GbE-connected block, file, and object storage.

The SN2010 system will be available at the end of 2017 and will be offered in three software configurations: MLNX-OS, Cumulus Linux or bare metal/ONIE versions.

“The SN2010 effectively supports the needs of modern scale-out storage and Hyperconverged infrastructures,” said Amit Katz, VP Ethernet at Mellanox. “This solution offers the right space-efficient form factor, while covering any need from RDMA over Ethernet (RoCE) support to VXLAN at a very attractive price point.”

“Nutanix has a distinct vision to transform organizations’ datacenter operations with an Enterprise Cloud OS that reduces hardware footprint and improves scalability and TCO,” said Venugopal Pai, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Business Development, Nutanix. “The new space-efficient SN2010 further complements the joint solutions our teams will provide for customers together and strengthens our partnership with Mellanox.”

“Mellanox SN2010 is exactly what our hyperconverged and storage customers need today,” said Martin Bichler, Group Vendor Manager, BigTec. “Nutanix and other solutions are now even more compelling when bundled with SN2010 and integrated with NEO for simple and rapid deployment.”

“The storage and hyperconverged industry is moving fast toward web-scale principles and network design,” said Josh Leslie, CEO of Cumulus Networks. “Partnering with Mellanox to offer Cumulus Linux support for SN2010, a high performance and unique form factor switch, lets customers reap the benefits of automation, customization, and web-scale IT efficiency in the data center that open networking provides.”

“The new 10G optimized Mellanox SN2010 TOR switch completes the Mellanox Spectrum switch line as the efficient and flexible network fabric for modern storage systems,” said Marty Lans senior director & general manager, Storage Connectivity and Interoperability, HPE. “A great follow-on to the SN2100 switches that connects the current 10GbE networked storage to next-gen networks.”

“We are excited about Mellanox’s new SN2010 hyperconverged switch, this switch is perfectly aligned with our customers’ needs for low port count, small footprint, modern switch capabilities and tight integration with our hyperconverged products using NEO,” said Shoichi Morita, President and CEO of NetWorld, Mellanox distributor in Japan. “We are proud of work with Mellanox making a difference for us.”

“The SN2010 makes our award winning hyperconverged offering even more compelling,” said Phil White, CTO, Scale Computing. “This offers an ideal fabric solution to our HC3 customers; small form factor, low port count and power, modern features and great performance.”

“Zadara Storage provides advanced data services to our clients worldwide,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO and co-founder of Zadara Storage. “It is important that our underlying architecture leverages the best possible technology in the market. The SN2010 is an ideal data center switch for us given its flexible port configuration, great performance, low power and high density.”

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