Overland-Tandberg announces LTO-8 technology on its NEO Series tape automation and tape drive lineup

Overland-Tandberg, a brand of Sphere 3D Corp. and provider of data management, backup and storage solutions, announced Wednesday availability of next-generation LTO-8 in its NEO Series product line of tape automation and standalone tape drive solutions designed to provide cost-effective effortless backup and archive applications for enterprises of any size.  

NEO Series LTO-8 offers a compressed storage capacity of 30TB (12TB native) using a 2.5:1 ratio, and a compressed transfer rate of 750 MB/sec. (360MB/sec. native). LTO-8 tape, like LTO-7, supports LTFS, WORM (Write Once Read Many) and AES 256-bit hardware encryption.

Apart from delivering support for LTO-8, it allows existing customers to double their capacity when compared to LTO-7. In addition, the LTO-8 drives will be backward compatible with LTO-7 tape media, allowing LTO-8 drive users to read/write any LTO-7 media.

With capacities ranging from 960 terabytes to 16.8 petabytes, the NEO-XL Series addresses the need for midrange and enterprise businesses to do more with less by combining effortless automated backup, disaster recovery and archive with flexibility, density, high performance and affordability to ensure that data is protected faster, smarter, easier and more cost effectively.

Designed for IT offices with limited space, resources and budgets, the NEO-S family delivers the ultimate in simple, affordable, reliable backup, archive and disaster recovery and supports up to 360 TB of data into a single unit of rack height. With superior performance and capacity, and available in both internal and external configurations, these tape drives provide up to 30TB per cartridge and are ideal for backing up and archiving data on single workstations or small networks.

Last month, Overland-Tandberg introduced its new rdxLOCK software, with the RansomBlock feature for its removable disk archive system, RDX. Customers can now receive an rdxLOCK license along with any RDX WORM medium.

The license enables the RDX removable disk with WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality to help ensure revision safety. In addition, the rdxLOCK can be deployed as RDX RansomBlock to further protect RDX systems from malware.

RansomBlock inhibits non-authorized data access to RDX media and prevents malware from deleting, renaming or manipulating data. For this purpose, operators can determine application software with write permission on the RDX WORM medium without modifying other security software. Non-authorized software, however, is blocked from transcribing and changing automatically.

Also, if required, users may change the deployment scenario of their WORM media and adjust the mode after re-formatting. It is also possible to work with different PC and server systems as the licenses are solely bound to the removable media. RDX media and RansomBlock mode can be addressed via any conventional backup software.

Authorized Overland-Tandberg partners can place orders for NEO LTO-8 solutions. NEO Series LTO-8 products are now available for order through authorized Overland-Tandberg distributors, starting at an entry MSRP of $3,199 US dollars or €2,855 Euros.

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