Panzura Freedom integrates with Docker across multiple clouds, data centers while reducing storage costs up to 70 percent

Panzura, vendor of unstructured data management in the cloud, announced on Tuesday that the Panzura Freedom intelligent hybrid cloud storage platform now integrates with Docker. With Panzura Freedom, DevOps professionals can move and deploy containers in any cloud and any location leveraging persistent and mobile storage for Docker.

In addition, customers can securely deploy global, private registries by pushing the container image to the Docker Registry once, and automatically distributing it globally.

Panzura Freedom is underpinned by enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud Panzura CloudFS that delivers high-performance enterprise file services for SMB, NFS, HTTP, and Docker container workloads with integrated client and mobile access.

Key technologies that Panzura CloudFS brings to Docker include distributed global namespace, a universal file directory that uniquely eliminates islands of storage while reducing cost and complexity with a single, unified view of the files across clouds and data centers. It also features SmartSync, a patented technology, making data persistent and mobile. Real-time metadata synchronization keeps files constantly synchronized across sites. It copies files in real-time from any location to any other location without copying the data. Only the metadata is copied, which contains global deduplication keys and cloud references.

The offering also includes distributed file and byte-range locking, another patented technology, makes it possible for data to be consistently available globally; and encryption, both for data at rest and data in transit, delivers the highest level of cloud data protection.

According to the Portworx 2017 Annual Container Adoption Survey, “Containers continue to grow in relevance with 32 percent of companies spending $500,000 or more a year on license and usage fees for container technologies, up from a reported 5 percent last year.”1 Gartner’s Market Guide for Container Management Software states, “By 2020, more than 50 percent of global enterprises will be running containerized applications in production, up from less than 20 percent today.”2

“Containers are transforming how organizations develop, deploy, and move applications, but without persistent, mobile storage, enterprises will never be able to realize the full potential of Docker,” said Patrick Harr, CEO at Panzura. “We do for data what Docker does for compute by making the data persistent and mobile for wherever Docker is deployed –data center, cloud, or multi-cloud.”

Legacy storage technologies have not kept up with the compute advancements that containers enable. In a legacy storage environment, persistent data is only available locally, which isolates a container execution in a single location or cloud.

As Panzura Freedom makes data mobile and persistent globally, customers can execute containers anywhere and anytime across data centers and clouds with consistency and confidence. Customers are also able to build once and deploy automatically, so they can shorten development cycles and time-to-market while reducing storage costs by up to 70 percent.

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