Built.io Flow partners with Zilkr to automate telecommunications workflow integrations

Built.io Flow, an integration-as-a-service (iPaaS) platform that unifies and automates disparate IT systems and cloud applications integrations through APIs, and Zilkr announced on Monday new integration offering for telecommunications clouds. Together Built.io Flow and Zilkr extend workflow innovation by bringing telecommunication services and enterprise application products into integrated, automated business processes.

Built.io Flow is Built.io’s iPaaS that enables any developer to create business value through integration. By connecting sensors, devices, systems and applications across mobile, web and IoT, Built.io Flow allows organizations to create workflows that automate complex business processes and deliver critical data to the right place at the right time.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Zilkr brings app functionality to phone numbers by enabling service providers to deliver integration-friendly communication solutions to businesses through an API platform and Apps marketplace that works seamlessly with existing communications networks.

Built.io’s mission is to fast-track innovation for its customers at the intersection of mobile, web and the Internet of Things (IoT), and to create business value by applying its products — Built.io Backend, an enterprise mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS), accelerates mobile application development; Built.io Contentstack, a mobile-first content management system (CMS), delivers content across all channels; and Built.io Flow, the integration-as-a-service platform for APIs, connects individuals, businesses and ecosystems where and when it matters.

By leveraging integrations via Built.io Flow to automate workflows using its low code drag and drop feature, enterprises now can use telecommunications events, such as incoming and outgoing calls and messages, to trigger workflows for integrations with enterprise cloud applications.

It delivers several benefits including automated sales and marketing processes, keeping CRM systems clean and up-to-date; ability to transfer data from one endpoint to countless others, freeing resources of time-wasting data migration tasks; and customer support improvement by funneling customer communications into active support channels,

“Zilkr helps enterprises easily integrate their telecommunications platforms and other systems through our normalized, restful API,” said Kevin Janssen, vice president of sales at Zilkr. “Coupled with Built.io Flow, enterprises are provided best-in-class workflow tools to help make complex integrations easy.”

“At Built.io we believe that any business in any industry has the potential to operate digitally and efficiently in order to boost innovation and customer experience,” said Akash Sureka, general manager at Built.io. “This collaboration with Zilkr means we can bring automation to telecommunications services and open them to various enterprise cloud applications ready for integrations to create better-functioning software driven businesses in this current API-first digital landscape.”

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