New version of Virtuozzo platform simplifies availability for containers and VMs, expands storage capabilities

Virtuozzo, a hyperconverged infrastructure software provider, released on Tuesday new version of the Virtuozzo platform, its integrated container, hypervisor and storage offering for businesses and service providers.

The new release features simplified setup and automated operations that makes managing high availability fast and easy. The release also features enhancements to Virtuozzo Storage that support a growing number of uses cases, including hyperconverged infrastructure deployments and storage for application containers.

The Virtuozzo platform with integrated storage optimizes infrastructure costs with a pure software-defined solution that runs on any x86 server-based architecture – or dedicated bare metal servers from the cloud.

The latest release brings improvements designed to further simplify the deployment and management of containers and virtual machines, most notably in the areas of high availability (HA) and storage. In the event of a node failure, all instances are now automatically relaunched on another node, which is made possible by software-defined shared storage. With the new release, the process for configuring HA only requires one simple step from the end-user, which saves time and reduces the chance of errors.

Virtuozzo Storage provides distributed, software-defined storage that can support multiple use cases for enterprises and service providers, including hyperconverged infrastructure deployments and container storage for cloud native apps and micro-services. With each update, Virtuozzo brings improvements to both its core storage components and value-added features to push reliability and security as far as possible, while making management simpler.

Users can now receive automated alerts and updates on storage issues, view logs and audit all actions – centrally managed from the Virtuozzo Storage UI. New capabilities added to protect data against data center outages with support for multiple remote clusters and a new simplified configuration procedure available in the Virtuozzo Storage UI. Users can now define limits for IOPS and bandwidth from within the storage cluster control panel per iSCSI targets.

The new release also brings added features to support the live migration of containers and VMs, including the ability to preserve the initial datastore when performing migrations to ensure proper system configurations when moving data.

“Our goal is to bring higher levels of simplicity, efficiency and flexibility to our products with every release,” said George Karidis, chief executive officer at Virtuozzo. “With this update, we’ve made it much easier to ensure high availability, while continuing to make sure our customers have the best-performing, most flexible options for cutting-edge software-defined storage.”

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