Blueworx releases Voice Response 7.4 for Linux; delivering web interface for application management

Blueworx announced recently release of Blueworx Voice Response 7.4 for Linux. The new release provides enhancements for the Blueworx Cloud solutions with the same proven rock-solid stability and unparalleled scalability of Blueworx Voice Response for Linux 7.3. Blueworx Voice Response is available for both IBM AIX and Linux.

Blueworx Voice Response is a customer experience platform designed to deliver the highest levels of performance, security, reliability and scalability. Its team continues to develop enhancements to the Blueworx IVR platform that provide customers with the flexibility of deploying voice solutions across multiple models.

Blueworx offers voice and customer experience solutions on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. Blueworx introduces a new Web-based User Interface in this Blueworx 7.4 for Linux release.

Blueworx is an Interactive Voice platform designed to deliver high level of performance, security, reliability and scalability. The enterprise-grade platform is optimized to run on Linux or IBM AIX and is compatible with Intel and IBM Power servers. Blueworx is used by some of the largest enterprises and telcos for, among other things, customer self-service, proactive notifications, intelligent call routing, voicemail and SMS applications.

The newly designed Web User Interface introduces an enhanced front-end for monitoring and configuring Blueworx Voice Response for Linux. The Web User Interface provides administrators with a simple and logical overview of their Voice Response system, making configuration easy. Through the Admin Console, applications, numbers and features can be created, edited and easily managed.

“We are incredibly excited to release the new interface for Blueworx,” said Dean Upton, Director of Product Strategy at Blueworx. “Not only does it make configuring Blueworx solutions easier, it also lays the foundation for many more front-end features for Blueworx IVR that are scheduled to be delivered in 2018. It’s of particular benefit to customers with Blueworx clusters; as the web interface connects via the central Blueworx Resource Manager, it enables administrators to manage multiple BVR machines within the same console.“

The web interface is included in Blueworx Voice Response 7.4 for Linux, which is available for download by existing customers that have an active service agreement.

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