Design SHIFT, Cryptyk transforms cloud storage sector with its ORWL integrated hardware and software offering

Design SHIFT announced on Thursday its collaboration on a large volume project with Cryptyk, expert in cloud software encryption to the enterprise world. ORWL devices are due to ship this month. The combination of both companies expertise will allow data protection in enterprise storage from external threats, viral threats, internal threats, intercept threats and operational failures.

Cryptyk’s cloud security and storage platform has only one potential security vulnerability in the physical end-point security of the PC hardware. By offering ORWL devices, Cryptyk will offer the Enterprise world a physically secured, trusted endpoint on a hybrid blockchain network.

Benefits of deploying ORWL are the advantage of storing critical keys in the secure element, its tamper protection, rogue nodes prevention, and user access control. Design SHIFT began shipping last August its open source secure system ORWL for applications requiring high level of security and privacy.

ORWL provides the security needed against physical attacks, enabling new privacy and security applications in healthcare, financial, government and industrial infrastructures. The security is based on two subsystems: the security subsystem is in control of supplying power and managing encryption key/access control, and the PC subsystem provides the standard computing environment.

Manufacturing of the device is handled by Quanta Computers giving flexibility on the quantities of ORWL devices produced.

From designing to engineering to manufacturing cycles, Design SHIFT enables developers and users in healthcare, government agencies and financial institutions to build trusted encrypted networks, multimedia hubs and other services that will allow individuals and organization to communicate better, more securely.

Cryptyk offers is building hybrid cloud / blockchain software for enterprise-class security and storage. Their platform helps businesses convert their cloud data into a decentralized encrypted format that is safe to steal. Cryptyk takes the approach that cyber security attacks will happen regardless of your prevention measures and helps to ensure any data that is stolen is useless to hackers.

“We strongly believe that integrating ORWL hardware with the Cryptyk hybrid blockchain solution for the enterprise world is what the market has needed. We are thrilled to provide Cryptyk the ultimate in hardware security to the cloud,” says Olivier Boireau, CEO of Design SHIFT.

ORWL comes with an embedded HSM and requires two factors of authentication (a key and a password) to make sure that unauthorized users cannot access the device. ORWL is protected against physical attacks with a tamper-proof casing and the private key is erased if any of the PC’s physical or logical security controls are breached.

“We believe in the complementary business relationship with Design SHIFT. With our respective expertise, both companies share the same vision of the enterprise security market,” said Dr. Adam Weigold, Cryptyk’s CEO. “We believe that with ORWL devices we can provide a total secure solution if our customers want to implement our decentralized cloud storage technology with secure end-point hardware.”

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