FireEye acquires X15 Software to monitor, search and analyze machine-generated security data

FireEye announced Friday that it acquired privately held X15 Software and its next generation big data platform. The acquisition, which closed on Jan. 11, 2018, will add data management capabilities and provide customers with an open platform for integrating machine-generated data that can incorporate new security technologies and big data sources to adapt to the evolving threat environment.

Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, FireEye will pay approximately US$15 million in equity and $5 million in cash. X15 Software was founded in 2013 and currently employs approximately 20 employees. The X15 teams are located in California and India, and will bring their big data management experience to the FireEye engineering teams in their respective locations.

The integration of X15 Software’s technology will enhance the ability of FireEye to collect and deliver the data organizations need to protect their most valuable assets, providing big data management capabilities, single management console for cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments, besides a platform for innovation.

X15 Software technology solves the complex problem of collecting, querying and analyzing large volumes of machine-generated data in real-time. X15 Software technology is built with the flexibility to ingest data sources at scale, allowing organizations to capture new data as their infrastructure evolves.

As organizations expand their usage of different cloud platforms, X15 Software technology will provide the flexibility to manage security data from on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments, including AWS Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud. As the security landscape changes, organizations need a flexible security operations platform that can match the evolving capabilities of the adversaries. X15 Software technology will accelerate the capabilities of FireEye platform to better enable organizations to leverage security data to make expert decisions and keep pace with the threats against them.

“Organizations today are overwhelmed by alerts, the number of tools required to manage their security operations, and the challenge of unifying access to the large volumes of data that matter,” said John Laliberte, senior vice president of engineering at FireEye. “The X15 Software team built an incredibly versatile, enterprise-grade big data platform that enables distributed, real-time access and ingestion of data at scale within a unified data model and modular query language. X15 Software technology will accelerate our strategy of delivering an innovative, next-gen security platform.”

“We founded X15 Software to help organizations get more value out of the massive data they were generating on a daily basis, and very quickly we saw how impactful our technology could be in the security space,” said Val Rayzman, CEO of X15 Software prior to the acquisition. “By coming together with FireEye, we can help build a security platform that uses big data, threat intelligence and analytics to keep customers secure.”

Last year, FireEye acquired cyber threat intelligence company iSIGHT Partners to create advanced and comprehensive private cyber threat intelligence operation. Customers of both companies will benefit from lower business risk through higher fidelity alerts, context to prioritize threats and the strategic insights to proactively prepare for threats that might target their industry or region.

Existing iSIGHT customers will continue to have access to iSIGHT products. FireEye plans to add new intelligence subscription models that include industry vertical specific slices, similar to FireEye’s planned offerings with Visa, so existing and new customers will be able to purchase new threat intelligence products tailored to their organization’s specific threat profile.

The iSIGHT intelligence network monitors and mines global cyber threat development and thousands of threat actors. iSIGHT’s nearly 350 dedicated staff includes more than 250 cyber threat intelligence experts across 17 countries, covering 29 languages.

iSIGHT has invested nearly $100 million over eight years to build out its cyber intelligence capability, and the size and scope of the combined FireEye, Mandiant and iSIGHT cyber threat intelligence capability rivals the largest intelligence operations.

FireEye’s existing customer base will see immediate value in their existing subscriptions through increased protection from the iSIGHT intelligence network, which will feed core threat intelligence into the DTI ecosystem that is continually refreshed every 60 minutes.

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