New Quest Toad offerings simplify data preparation, sharing processes for open source database environments

Quest Software announced on Monday three new updates to the Toad product family, including Toad Edge v1.2, Toad Data Point v4.3 and Toad Intelligence Central v4.3.

The new release of Toad Edge simplifies the development and management of next-generation open source database platforms, with added support for MariaDB and MySQL instances running on Microsoft Azure. Toad Data Point v4.3 and Toad Intelligence Central v4.3 feature several new capabilities designed to simplify and automate data preparation, visualization and provisioning for data analysts, regardless of data source or location, on-premises or in the cloud.

Toad Edge is a lightweight, flexible and extensible commercial toolset designed to minimize the learning curve for developers and database administrators (DBAs) working in open-source relational database environments.

Features like object and user management, query monitoring, schema compare and sync, database snapshots and data import/export make it easy to develop and manage open source relational database environments; while a Continuous Integration plug-in compatible with Jenkins, one of the leading DevOps automation servers, allows users to easily integrate database tasks with DevOps workflows.

Open source database management systems (OSDBMSes) are being implemented at a fast rate. According to the DB-Engines Ranking system, the popularity of open source systems increased from 35 percent five years ago to 47 percent. The DB-Engines Ranking is a list of DBMS ranked by their current popularity that is updated monthly.

The latest release of Toad Edge v1.2 includes added support for multiple result sets and spatial data types. Support for MariaDB v10.1, in addition to MySQL instances running in Microsoft Azure, has also been added for greater platform flexibility.

Real-time access to data, whether on-premises or in the cloud, is paramount to business growth. Self-service data preparation has traditionally been at odds with IT data governance, auditability, and transparency requirements.

The new Quest Toad capabilities deliver the self-service capabilities data analysts need for easy data preparation in secure and governed workflows – bridging the gap between IT teams and the business.

Preparing, provisioning, analyzing and reporting on data has become an increasingly time-consuming and costly process due to the growing volume and complexity of data and data sources the average organization produces, processes, and consumes each day.

With Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence Central, Quest gives data analysts the one-two punch needed to simplify this process by providing limitless data connectivity, visual query building, data integration, and flexible import/export reporting. All of this is enabled via workflow automation across data platforms – from relational databases and non-database sources to non-SQL systems and the cloud.

Featuring a re-architected pivot grid, expanded automation capabilities, and the ability to manage published items directly through a web browser, the enhanced Toad Data Point v4.3 and Toad Intelligence Central v4.3 make it even easier for analysts to prep and report on data across all of their database platforms and sources.

“Today’s IT teams – from DBAs to developers to data analysts – are facing a continuously shifting and unpredictable database management environment, making it difficult to manage both on-premises and heterogeneous, cloud-based databases that power their organizations business-critical applications,” said Patrick O’Keeffe, Executive Director, Software Engineering, Quest Software. “No one understands this better than Quest, and the new Toad product releases prepare database and data pros with the toolset needed to successfully manage their ever-changing database landscape.”

Toad Edge v1.2, Toad Intelligence Central v4.3 and Toad Data Point v4.3 are generally available.


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