Kodiak Data and Cloudbus debut EdgeCache CDN, its initial 100GE, object CDN for private clouds

Kodiak Data and Cloudbus launched on Wednesday EdgeCache CDN, its distributed 100 Gbits/sec private cloud CDN service. Kodiak Data’s EdgeCache provides on-prem application servers with full read/write access to S3 cloud storage, with the same performance as on-prem object-based storage.  

Combined with Cloudbus’ extensive multi-terabit cloud native network, EdgeCache CDN provides the first high-speed, globally-distributed, private cloud CDN services.

Kodiak Data is an edge-cloud infrastructure company that allows users to deploy and scale big data infrastructure in both public and private clouds. The Kodiak Data platform can create, within minutes, virtual clusters for cloud, data and storage services that run at memory-speed, and scale to the needs of big data applications and processing. Cloudbus provides secure, reliable on-demand cloud and private network connectivity to commercial properties and tenants nationwide. By bringing nearly unlimited data capacity to a property through its purpose-built platform, Cloudbus is able to truly provide the cloud-era connectivity services that today’s tenants are demanding, while supporting the ‘smart building’ and IoT technologies of tomorrow.

As part of the partnership with Cloudbus, EdgeCache and EdgeCache CDN will be available on all Cloudbus points-of-presence for multi-tenant services and selected Equinix, Raging-Wire and Hurricane Electric data centers. Cloudbus users can connect to the highest-speed transport for distributed object-store and private clouds in metro areas and across the US, realizing substantial savings for their cloud-storage, cloud access and inter-region transit costs.

“Kodiak Data’s EdgeCache CDN offers a new and unprecedented level of service for multi-tenant buildings and data centers,” said Cloudbus CEO, Karl May. “This successfully integrates the low latency and high speed of our networks to remove geological boundaries for private cloud and, at the same time, enable users to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in cloud storage usage and transit costs.”

“We are delighted to partner with Cloudbus,” said Kodiak Data CEO, Som Sikdar. “The innovative transport networks from Cloudbus allow us to offer our customers the performance and savings of our EdgeCache technology as the industry’s first 100 Gbits/sec object store and CDN service.”

High-speed EdgeCache CDN service is immediately available in all Kodiak Cloud locations, as well as in partner locations at Plug and Play’s “Silicon Valley Cloud” data center in Sunnyvale and select Equinix data centers.

“EdgeCache CDN is the first 100GE native service to our data center tenants,” added Syed Azhar, CIO of Plug and Play.  “We are pleased to be able to offer our customers, especially those in FinTech, the lowest possible latency along with object store services.”

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