Ricoh improves cloud-based data collection with its Remlox Cloud offering

Ricoh USA announced on Wednesday launch of Remlox Cloud as part of their Digital Forensics Services offering. Building on the success of Ricoh’s patented Remlox Remote Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Collection tool, Remlox Cloud adds a new level of simplicity to data collection.

Remlox Cloud is a user-friendly, cloud-based software solution that enables proportionality in data collection, using a targeted approach. It automates the collection process and allows users to conduct targeted data collections and store them within Ricoh’s Microsoft Azure environment with enhanced security. It also streamlines the collection process by allowing users to efficiently gather only the most potentially relevant information needed for their case.

In effect, users can request a collection in the morning using Ricoh’s same-day email deployment, and be reviewing their data that same evening, utilizing one of Ricoh’s several document review tools. There’s no technological knowledge required by the end user, nor hardware requirement, and it’s much faster than alternative methods.

Supported by Ricoh’s team of forensics experts inside the first private lab in the world to be accredited by ASCLD/LAB in the discipline of digital forensics, collection through Remlox Cloud is configured specifically on what the customer wants to collect. The process can then be fully automated through to review – a unique link is sent to the client, from which they download, install and run Remlox Cloud.

Users can then complete their collection, host the data within Ricoh’s secured Microsoft Azure Cloud environment, and begin review all in the same day.

Remlox Cloud is Ricoh’s latest demonstration of their commitment to providing innovative ways that support their customers to securely, yet simply, empower their digital workplace.

“Our patented Remlox Remote ESI Collection tool has been used in 37 countries, across six continents, and for several types of matters including cases involving the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and other government agencies,” said David Greetham, vice president, eDiscovery Sales and Operations, Ricoh USA. “We are excited to build on the proven success of Remlox by making data collection even more accessible using secured cloud technology. The cloud is about simplicity and mobility. Remlox Cloud delivers both for organizations in need of targeted, defensible, and secured data collection, in an expeditious manner.”

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