Quanta Cloud joins with Radisys to deliver optimized RAN offerings on Its high-performance hardware

Radisys Corp. announced on Thursday that Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) has selected Radisys MobilityEngine LTE-Advanced and 5G RAN software to run on its open server hardware platforms, delivering optimized high performance and low latency RAN solutions to mobile operators globally.

The resulting solution, which also integrates Affirmed Networks’ cloud native 5G Mobile Core and leverages Radisys’ integration services, gives mobile operators a differentiated Mobile Core and RAN solution that is based on open standards, delivering faster time-to-market and better ROI.

To meet the capacity and latency demands of 5G applications and services such as IoT, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, autonomous cars and more, mobile operators are transforming their access networks from single-vendor proprietary solutions to multi-vendor solutions built with open software and hardware components.

Radisys’ MobilityEngine software introduces open and disaggregated mobile access cloud solutions that deliver significant TCO advantage while enabling the evolution to 5G. By pre-integrating and pre-validating MobilityEngine RAN software and Affirmed Networks’ 5G Mobile Core Solution onto QCT’s hardware form factors, Radisys and QCT can offer to their customers differentiated, performance-optimized solutions for LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G RAN with faster time-to-market and reduced risk.

Mobile operators will be able to leverage the deployment-ready turnkey solutions for their multi-access CORD, cloud and virtualized RAN, as well as mobile edge deployments.

“This integrated solution leverages Radisys’ DNA in software and integration services and Quanta’s full portfolio of industry-leading open server hardware to offer our customers a truly multi-vendor solution that is built for the demands of 5G mobile edge computing,” said Neeraj Patel, Vice President and General Manager, Software & Services Solutions, Radisys. “We are committed to partnering with QCT as a preferred OCP hardware provider and with the industry-leading Virtualized EPC vendor Affirmed Networks, to deliver right-fit technology solutions to our mobile operator customers that don’t compromise on performance while reducing cost and risk.”

“Our extensive hardware portfolio is designed to meet the needs of mobile operators that are transforming their networks to meet the requirements of 5G and mobile edge computing,” said Mike Yang, President of QCT. “QCT is dedicated to fostering partnerships with technology software leaders such as Radisys in order to deliver pre-integrated and pre-validated solutions to mobile operators that reduce deployment times for next-gen networks. Radisys’ MobilityEngine RAN software and integration expertise allows making commercial deployments of new open architectures a reality.”

“Virtualized networks deliver a host of advantages to mobile operators, the primary ones being economic scaling and service agility,” said Amit Tiwari, Affirmed Networks’ Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Systems Engineering. “As deployments accelerate in preparation for 5G, delivering integrated solutions with industry leaders such as Radisys will ensure an efficient and successful network transformation.”

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