Red Hat, Azul combine for in-memory data storage; boost scale and performance of JBoss Data Grid for big data environments

Red Hat announced on Wednesday that it is bringing high density storage capabilities to its in-memory data management technology, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, through an expanded alliance with Azul Systems. The agreement builds on a prior collaboration between the two companies and provides entitlements for Azul Zing with JBoss Data Grid subscriptions, enabling customers to better meet speed and volume needs for their big data environments.

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid supercharges modern applications and allows developers to meet tough requirements of high performance, availability, reliability, and elastic scale. JBoss Data Grid is compatible with the existing data tier as well as applications written in any language, using any framework and any platform via multiple APIs such as memcached, HotRod, and REST.

Developers obtain a streamlined approach to standing up new applications, avoiding the challenges normally associated with integrating applications and traditional databases.

A subscription includes management tooling (via the JBoss Operations Network plug-in), unlimited access for remote clients, and advanced functionality making JBoss Data Grid an ideal solution for cost-effectively supercharging modern applications.

Azul’s Zing runtime for Java is designed to support high performance on-heap storage, making it ideal for JBoss Data Grid deployments that feature large in-memory data sets. By providing Zing with JBoss Data Grid, Red Hat is extending support for persistent operation of Java instances that can manage up to eight terabytes of memory, designed to reduce the number of nodes needed in the cluster and simplify deployment and management.

Garbage collection pauses can be costly in industries where speed, consistency of performance, and uptime are important and data volume is increasing. Zing’s C4 Garbage Collector is designed to eliminate these application execution hiccups that can be common in Java environments – a problem that can be exacerbated by the larger JVM heaps required for high performance big data applications. For these applications, JBoss Data Grid and Zing can offer consistent performance and scale.

Through the agreement, Zing is available as a zero-cost upgrade option for JBoss Data Grid users with support contracts.

“The Azul team works to always anticipate the ever-evolving landscape of both user and technological demands,” said Scott Sellers, president and CEO, Azul Systems. “With our expanded collaboration with Red Hat, customers can have access to a faster, more powerful and more scalable solution designed to address these requirements and better keep up with performance demands.”

“We are pleased to deepen our relationship with Azul and plan to work together toward a common goal of helping customers improve the performance and scalability of their big data environments,” said Rob Cardwell, vice president, Vertical Markets and Solutions, Red Hat.

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