Datawatch Monarch Swarm provides data intelligence to business analytics transforming enterprise decision-making

Datawatch Corp. announced Monday Datawatch Monarch Swarm, its enterprise data preparation and analytics platform to transform how businesses interact with and leverage their greatest assets: people and data. With new applications of machine-learning technology to benefit every user no matter their skill-level, Monarch Swarm empowers every individual, department and organization with advanced intelligence and insight into how data can be used to drive further team collaboration, socialization and support of data governance practices.

Swarm expands data access, eliminates coding and scripting from data cleansing and data transformation commands, simplifies data blending and automates repeatable processes in a collaborative environment, enabling everyday users to overcome any report creation or analytics challenge.

Swarm enables the development of a data marketplace that is created by the business experts, governed by data stewards and trusted by the enterprise. The platform improves data quality; removes the burden on IT; optimizes individual productivity; eliminates duplicate data and work; simplifies data discovery; and busts data silos.

Governance capabilities in Monarch Swarm remove data access concerns and burdens for IT by increasing end-user agility without compromising data integrity. Credential settings allow administrators to give or restrict access to data, workspaces and business models based on pre-defined rules.

In addition, change histories, data lineage, activity logs and complete ‘digital fingerprints’ allow administrators to have complete clarity into who accesses data, what they do with it and how they change it. Offered as either a cloud or on-premises data intelligence platform, Monarch Swarm presents business users with a personalized experience for creating, accessing, validating and sharing governed, trustworthy datasets and models to prevent the duplication of work and increase engagement of business users across the company.

The platform’s team-driven data preparation allows companies to deploy centralized data preparation across the teams, departments and the entire enterprise in the configuration that works best for their infrastructure, while also reducing machine footprint and IT involvement and enabling data preparation and analytics from any machine, anytime and anywhere. It also shortens learning curve with detailed ranking and data recommendations so all users can benefit from data models and sets created by advanced users and data stewards. It also provides smart recommendations on relevant datasets and models along with suggested analytics guidelines for more powerful data preparation and analytics use.

The platform brings the heritage and legacy of Datawatch Monarch to the browser. Users can automatically extract data from multi-structured sources, including PDF documents, on any computer, anywhere. Its data access connections for structured data sources related to enterprise applications including NetSuite; marketing-focused datasets from Google AdWords, HubSpot; and shared storage drives such as Microsoft SharePoint, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Monarch Swarm facilitates data collaboration on datasets, models and content through ranking, rating and commenting features allowing for greater insight into how users employ information, while also avoiding duplication of analytics projects. It enables users to search across files and folders through various methods to find and use secure, governed datasets.

“For those seeking creative and innovative methods to leverage data and complete detailed analytics projects, Datawatch Monarch Swarm provides everyone – even novice business users – with the techniques to intelligently derive insights that fuel an enterprise’s business analytics” said Jon Pilkington chief product officer, Datawatch. “The latest release of our enterprise data preparation platform represents the latest stage in the evolution of data analytics by providing a bridge between IT governance and business analyst agility.”

“Data is the lifeblood of today’s enterprise – it touches upon all aspects of company operations, decision-making, product development and customer interaction. Enterprises need to be intelligent as to how users can create, access, prepare and share governed datasets and models and then use this information to obtain the right insights for future growth,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services. “It is the intelligent use of data that will fuel the next stage of a company’s advancement and allow for true agility related to business operations.”


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