CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform delivers access to enterprise continuous delivery offering

CloudBees Inc. announced on Tuesday immediate availability of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform can provide enterprises with a continuous delivery solution that includes features to meet security standards and makes it easier to manage and scale to meet an enterprise’s growing development needs.

Deploying CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform can provide enterprises with a highly-scalable and cloud-ready Jenkins cluster with robust features for scalability, manageability, greater security and high availability that can be hosted either on-premise or in the public cloud.

A subscription to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise offers 24/7 access to Jenkins experts, enabling customers to resolve challenging issues quickly and remain focused on delivering software.

Many enterprise organizations view continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps as business critical. To meet the demand, modern continuous delivery solutions are needed and must be elastic, highly available and conform to IT policies and standards.

For enterprises modernizing their application architecture by adopting microservices and containerization, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise provides a proven, fully-featured continuous delivery solution that deploys on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. DevOps teams can now get the benefits of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform designed for accelerated application delivery across their oftentimes complex and heterogeneous environments.

Organizations can improve business results and operational efficiency by being better able to satisfy customer and user demand.

While Jenkins is an automation platform for continuous delivery, enterprises have unique needs. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise offers additional functionality beyond that offered by Jenkins, along with a more intuitive, modern UX. Enterprises can run CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on virtual, cloud or bare metal infrastructure. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is available on-demand to all enterprise product teams in a self-service fashion.

Its benefits can collaborate on software delivery projects; onboard new teams and start projects quickly; deliver automatic failover and recovery for Jenkins build projects; with advanced analytics, monitoring and alerting and security for users and projects.

“In the past, continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions were often bolted on to Platform as a Service and container platforms,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO and co-founder of CloudBees. “As companies recognize the importance of transforming to continuous delivery, they need a purpose-built solution like CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise to move them to the next phase of their DevOps journey. We are thrilled to take the next step by enabling deployment on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. CloudBees is among the only continuous delivery solution that works for all types of applications, whether they be legacy or modern apps.”

“Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is an enterprise Kubernetes platform designed to bridge the needs of developers and IT operations teams and provides a consistent application and service experience across hybrid cloud infrastructures,” said Julio Tapia, director, OpenShift ecosystem at Red Hat. “With the addition of another continuous delivery solution like CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, development teams have more choice to further support IT initiatives such as containerization, microservices and cloud migration strategies, helping to deliver new applications more quickly across heterogeneous and complex systems and environments.”

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