GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform 12.3 delivers multi-tiered data storage approach, eases cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud deployment

GigaSpaces, provider of in-memory computing (IMC) technologies that unify fast-data analytics, AI and real-time applications on a single software platform, announced on Monday upgrades to its InsightEdge Platform. New features and enhancements in InsightEdge 12.3 give customers the agility required to transform businesses into insight-driven organizations.

InsightEdge 12.3 also supports the most recent release of Apache Spark 2.3. By leveraging the complete Spark ecosystem, collocated with transactional data and applications running in the grid, across one distributed fabric, organizations can accelerate real-time AI and machine learning innovation.

Enterprises are constantly seeking more efficient ways to process and analyze burgeoning data volumes within their organizations. GigaSpaces overcomes the complexities of big data and analytics processes, making it possible to gain actionable insight the instant data is available.

This release introduces a unique multi-tiered data storage approach to the MemoryXtend module that allows customized preferences for data prioritization per application and lowering RAM footprint. Customers can configure the system to ensure that the most important data resides in the fastest data storage tier. These enhancements respond to customer requirements to optimize the business results of each application while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

InsightEdge 12.3 includes UX enhancements, e.g. a more intuitive command Line Interface (CLI) based on the REST Manager API (for cloud and on premise) which facilitates implementation and management. To simplify innovation and deployment in the cloud and on-premises, customers can also leverage the available Docker images for both the open source and enterprise editions.

“The traditional batch-oriented cycle of business intelligence insight is giving way to new deployment architectures delivering real-time access to data and the expected insights that it will provide,” said Adam M. Ronthal and Roxane Edjlali in Gartner Research released last April. “In-memory computing provides performance that removes the need for competing operational and analytical strategies for accessing data. When all the data can fit in active memory, complicated aggregations, summaries and even predictive modeling can now be performed virtually, with no requirement to update and build the supporting structures that previously required dedicated platforms to accomplish.”

“With this InsightEdge Platform release, GigaSpaces continues to meet the needs of the real-time millisecond enterprise,” said Adi Paz, CEO of GigaSpaces.“ A critical competitive advantage results from the ability to out-innovate its rivals by leveraging the data within the organization to gain instant insights that can immediately impact the business applications. Insight Edge enhancements continue to simplify and scale our platform so that our customers can innovate with confidence to become insight-driven.”

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