New SonicWall MSSP Program improves partner opportunities to meet demand for managed security services

SonicWall announced on Tuesday its new managed security service provider (MSSP) program. The SonicWall SecureFirst MSSP Program helps partners with new or mature managed security practices fill their customers’ widening security skills gap by building and scaling their managed security service offerings to deliver optimal security outcomes.

To ensure SonicWall partners can deliver the best value, security and service to end customers, SonicWall designed a robust, customer-focused MSSP program from the ground up. The new program, available to SecureFirst Silver, Gold or Platinum Partners, includes options for monthly billing through SonicWall’s popular Security-as-a-Service pricing model, multi-tenant capabilities and go-to-market branding opportunities. The SecureFirst MSSP Program will help eligible partners design, launch and scale their MSSP offerings; grow deeper customer relationships that place partners in a position of trust and thought-leadership; increase profitability by offering recurring, consistent revenue streams; and help customers reduce upfront product costs.

“The swift rise and sophistication of data breaches and network threats is forcing well-intentioned organizations to outsource network and data protection to MSSPs,” said SonicWall Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Steve Pataky. “This opens many opportunities for SecureFirst Partners to deliver or resell expert 24/7 managed security services — backed by SonicWall’s automated real-time breach detection and prevention — to provide ongoing protection from cyber attacks. This means incredible growth for our SecureFirst partners, so we want to accelerate their managed security services in every way possible.”

The program also will expand opportunities for SecureFirst Partners that do not offer managed security services. SecureFirst Partners with a traditional value-added reseller (VAR) business model can resell pre-defined managed service options that can be delivered by a select group of SecureFirst MSSP Partners that have the expertise to deliver these services.

With SonicWall Capture Labs threat intelligence data, SonicWall will empower SecureFirst MSSP Partners with the critical threat visibility to offer customers real value through ongoing and proactive protection in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.

By leveraging intelligence and security technology built with managed services in mind, organizations can greatly reduce the cost of operations. A cohesive, integrated and layered security posture will be more adept at detecting and mitigating threats. For MSSPs, this results in fewer support calls and lowers risk of missing a critical security incident.

“The absence of an in-house security team often compels some enterprises and SMBs to outsource their entire security program to a capable MSSP,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner. “It is all about managing and reducing risks, and responding fast to security events — that’s where many of our partners truly excel.”

“When selecting a technology partner to support our growth in managed security services, we were seeking an organization with a well-known and well-established history of product reliability, demonstrated commitment to partners and, above all, a relentless focus on customer security,” said Newt Higman, National Director, Managed Services, at Sharp Business Systems, which recently joined the SecureFirst Partner Program. “We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to partner with SonicWall and look forward to the additional benefits of participating in the new SecureFirst MSSP Partner program.”

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