Quantum expands Dalet partnership with certification of Xcellis scale-out NAS to address media production and distribution challenges

Quantum Corp. announced on Tuesday certification of Xcellis scale-out NAS with the Dalet Galaxy platform, delivering an optimized solution that meets the media asset management (MAM) and workflow demands of production environments. The combined solution provides a highly flexible and scalable approach to complex media production challenges, automatically and seamlessly moving data between storage media to match the most appropriate and cost-effective storage tier with the workflow stage.

Powered by StorNext, the Xcellis Scale-out NAS appliance unites robust media and metadata management with performance and scalability to support content creators’ most-demanding workflows and ease the transition to IP-based infrastructure. Xcellis systems boost productivity in collaborative media environments by integrating the most important components of workflow storage into a single, easy-to-manage hardware solution.

An Xcellis cluster can scale performance and capacity together or independently to reach hundreds of petabytes in capacity and more than a terabyte per second in performance. When deployed as part of a multi-tier infrastructure — which can include object, tape and cloud storage — Xcellis Scale-out NAS can cost as little as 1/10 that of an enterprise NAS-only solution with the same capacity.

The certification extends Quantum and Dalet’s ten-year partnership, which began with the integration of the StorNext shared file system and data management with Dalet software, and has enabled hundreds of media organizations to maximize the value of their assets through better creation, management and distribution of their content.

Quantum’s StorNext software sets the standard for high-speed, shared workflow operations and large-scale, multi-tier archives. StorNext creates shared pools of storage so that critical broadcast files can be processed faster. Files are directly and easily accessible to all Dalet hosts simultaneously without having to wait for files to copy or move to the next stage of processing.

Together, the combination of Quantum StorNext and Dalet solutions integrates archive storage with production storage and enables highly productive digital workflows.

This complementary solution provides transparent access to a tiered-storage system in which customers get virtually unlimited storage that is both cost-efficient and highly flexible. Better still, Dalet workflows remain unchanged and StorNext scales to meet new demands as they arise. Archived content is available through Dalet and retrieved completely transparently—even portions of files based on timecode. The result is quicker restores, improved efficiency and reduced cost, and faster time-to-air of broadcast material.

Dalet solutions streamline media operations, reduce production costs and increase revenue opportunities by simplifying the distribution of rich media assets across consumer platforms, both interactive and traditional. The combination of Xcellis Scale-out NAS and Dalet Galaxy improves media workflows so that source material, work in progress, and finished packages can be shared and made instantly available on every desktop, or remotely.

Users can produce more stories and packages in less time with a unique rights-managed workflow engine that enhances collaboration and productivity. Metadata can be captured from every data source, generated automatically and retained throughout the workflows, reducing manual data entry and accelerating access to online or archived material.

“Quantum and Dalet have a long history of working closely to optimize and integrate joint solutions,” said Eran Binyamin Zeitoun, solutions infrastructure and integration services manager, Dalet Digital Media Systems. :Dalet solutions rely on high-performance, high-availability storage, and Quantum’s Xcellis Scale-out NAS is the cornerstone of a quick, resilient approach to media production challenges.”

“Quantum’s Xcellis Scale-out NAS combines the performance and scalability of a SAN with the cost-efficiency and ease of use of NAS,” said Anniek Snauwaert, director, technology alliances, Quantum. “By affordably delivering high performance, petabyte-level scalability and advanced storage management capabilities, Xcellis Scale-out NAS is ideal for providing the storage backbone required by Dalet MAM users.”


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