SentinelOne releases AnyCloud that allows users to protect endpoints across cloud environments

SentinelOne, an endpoint protection company, unveiled this week AnyCloud, enabling organizations to run the SentinelOne endpoint management platform in any public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. The SentinelOne management console is natively supported on AWS public cloud, but with AnyCloud, customers can now deploy the entire stack to their private clouds, data centers or in a hybrid cloud fashion.

AnyCloud allows organizations to extend the power of the SentinelOne endpoint protection platform to all cloud environments – public, private, and hybrid. Its features include protecting air gapped networks using critical infrastructure organizations in verticals like manufacturing, oil and gas, and energy typically air-gap their networks to protect infrastructure that was not designed to be securely connected to the Internet. By using the SentinelOne virtual appliance on-premise, customers can protect these critical assets from attacks.

To ensure compliance with regional data regulations, such as GDPR, large enterprises are increasingly deploying distributed cloud sites in major regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia. Protecting data flow and storage in these regions is critical for compliance. SentinelOne now enables customers to assign devices to specific regions, so that even when a user is travelling, all of their data is processed and stored only in their assigned region.

The console can be deployed to any cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure, or GCP. For on-premise customers, the virtual appliance can scale up to 100,000 endpoints and is supported on all major platforms, including VMware vSphere, HyperV and even Fusion, VirtualBox for testing. Customers upload a valid X509 certificate into the appliance to ensure the integrity of communications between the agents and the console.

“SentinelOne is the only endpoint management platform that can be flexibly deployed in various configurations,” said Tomer Weingarten, CEO and co-founder, SentinelOne. “We are committed to not only being deployable in any cloud – but also protecting each and every cloud. As more and more customers move critical data and workflows into the cloud, SentinelOne is purpose-built to provide prevention, detection and response capabilities with the broadest platform coverage for servers.”

“Some customers also prefer deploying to private clouds or Azure or GCP for various reasons. Private cloud deployments are deemed more secure, and we also have some large customers that view Amazon as a competitor in their own industries,” said Weingarten.

The new SentinelOne management console, including AnyCloud, will be generally available to customers in May.


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