RSA 2018: FireEye joins with Oracle on cloud transformation; while simplifying cybersecurity protection

FireEye Inc. announced on Monday a relationship with Oracle to offer additional security services for customers migrating to the cloud. FireEye Email Security has achieved Powered by Oracle Cloud status and is now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Additionally, customers can now evaluate FireEye Email Security running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via the Oracle Cloud Jump Start demo lab.

FireEye Email Security is designed to rapidly detect email based cyber attacks and block some of the most dangerous email threats facing businesses today, including malware-laden attachments and malicious URLs, credential phishing and impersonation attacks.

FireEye Email Security can identify threats and minimize false positives by using frontline threat intelligence, freeing security teams to focus on investigating and responding to real attacks. The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop shop for Oracle customers seeking trusted business applications and service providers offering unique business solutions, including ones that extend Oracle Cloud Applications.

Oracle Cloud delivers enterprise-grade services at every level of the cloud technology stack including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

“Based on our extensive frontline experience and global telemetry, we know email is one of the most prevalent and successful attack vectors today,” said Jason Martin, EVP of global engineering and security products, FireEye. “Email attack campaigns by their very nature are controlled by the adversary and can scale in volume and composition. Customers who deploy FireEye’s email security capabilities utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will be able to benefit from the scalability of the infrastructure to more rapidly respond to changes in the email threat landscape.”

“The cloud represents a huge opportunity for our partner community,” said Inderjeet Singh, EVP Global ISV, OEM and Java, Oracle. “FireEye’s commitment to innovation with the Oracle Cloud and track record of quality execution can help our mutual customers receive cloud-enabled security solutions ready to meet critical business needs.”

The FireEye Email Security solution includes FireEye Helix™ – a security operations platform that connects FireEye and third-party security technologies and augments them with contextual intelligence, automation and case management capabilities. With FireEye Helix, customers can make expert decisions and capture the untapped potential of their security investments.

Oracle Cloud Jump Start enables customers to try pre-configured solutions running on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure at no cost. The FireEye Email Security demo lab is available, allowing customers to start learning and evaluating this offering from FireEye.

FireEye also announced on Monday subscription based consumption models. To simplify how customers protect their organizations, FireEye is launching three core subscription solutions: FireEye Endpoint Security, FireEye Network Security and FireEye Email Security, plus one comprehensive suite, FireEye Security Suite.

These solutions include proven FireEye security products and technology, working via the included FireEye Helix security operations platform. Helix integrates security solutions and applies threat intelligence, automation and case management to allow organizations to take control of incidents from alert to fix.

FireEye Endpoint Security is designed to provide comprehensive defense on the endpoint, combining endpoint protection to stop common malware and endpoint detection and remediation to find, block and remove advanced targeted attacks. FireEye Network Security is designed to protect against all types of threats, from commodity breaches to the most advanced, targeted attacks, whether inbound from the perimeter or laterally throughout the network.

FireEye Email Security is designed to rapidly detect email-based cyber attacks and block the most dangerous email threats including malware-laden attachments and URLs, credential phishing sites and impersonation attacks. FireEye Security Suite is a complete suite combining FireEye Network Security, Email Security and Endpoint Security for ultimate enterprise-grade security posture.

Each of these solutions is available on a straightforward per-year subscription basis and includes: FireEye Helix, 24/7 support, cloud services, and virtual machines. Customers can deploy the solutions in numerous ways such as cloud, virtual or on-premise, and if needed, add required hardware appliances via the same subscription model.

To minimize risk of data theft, including stolen passwords, intellectual property and sensitive corporate data, FireEye is introducing the FireEye SmartVision Edition, a specific edition of Network Security solely focused on detecting suspicious lateral (east-west) traffic inside a network. With SmartVision Edition, visibility into network traffic is increased as stealthy attacks are isolated, thus exposing attackers and reducing their dwell time in a network.

FireEye is offering the core security solutions with two subscription pricing models based upon customer consumption: one optimized for larger organizations based on total network bandwidth, mailboxes, and endpoints protected, and a simpler per-user model for midsize organizations up to 2000 users. The FireEye Security Suite is aimed at midmarket customers and is available on a per user basis, for organizations up to 2000 users.

“There is way too much complexity in the security industry today, and customers are tired of multiple companies and products that have different purchasing models and do not interoperate,” said Travis Reese, president of FireEye. “Customers of all size can now more easily protect their organizations, using a predictable, consumption-based subscription model, with all FireEye solutions working together via a single security operations platform – Helix.”

FireEye Network Security, FireEye Email Security, FireEye Endpoint Security, FireEye Security Suite, and SmartVision Edition, are all available from FireEye authorized partners.


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