New Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security offering delivers security management across AWS, Microsoft Azure platforms

To support companies moving to a cloud architecture, Kaspersky Lab launched on Tuesday its new Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security offering, expanding the company’s virtualization and cloud security portfolio. The new solution is the next generation of hybrid cloud protection for businesses of all sizes, integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

The solution provides API-based integration with AWS and supports the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, allowing customers to extend security to every asset they put in the public cloud. The new product introduces Kaspersky Lab’s approach to how multi-cloud environments should defend against the most advanced cyberthreats. It also incorporates unified orchestration, operational hygiene techniques, systems hardening, workload defense, as well as machine learning-assisted runtime protection.

Organizations that struggle to deal with the speed of business process automation and growth of corporate data are turning to the hybrid cloud to expand their infrastructure. At the same time, more than half (59 percent) of businesses feel they cannot fully trust its data to cloud services because it could introduce new risks to their IT security. Their concerns are authentic with the lack of visibility in hybrid cloud ecosystems today – making them even more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Therefore, to avoid a loss of control over corporate data security when moving to the hybrid cloud model, businesses can equip themselves with a dedicated security management offering, such as Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, which protects applications and data in physical, virtual and cloud workloads.

Undoubtedly, cloud providers work hard to improve the security and reliability of their cloud platforms, but cloud-native security capabilities don’t always suit the demands of corporate systems. Banning or restricting certain applications, monitoring the ongoing behavior of every application at work, and shielding systems from vulnerability exploitation, are all crucial tasks that still remain the customer’s responsibility.

To meet enterprise security demands for data protection, including the need for vulnerability shielding, Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security provides customers with machine learning-assisted protection, which allows security systems to catch, block and remediate potential threats before they harm business data or operations.

To ensure attackers can’t leverage flaws in a legitimate popular software to compromise corporate data in the cloud, Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security employs several advanced techniques such as, exploit prevention, vulnerability assessment and automated patch management. Multiple layers of protection within the Kaspersky Lab solution, including anti-ransomware and behavior detection, are backed-up with the latest threat intelligence to support protection against new and emerging threats.

The offering complements AWS’s own cloud-native tools with proactive cybersecurity, exploit prevention, integrity monitoring, apps and device controls, and even AI-assisted runtime protection, and is currently available in AWS MarketPlace to support digital transformation strategy and secure the cloud journey.

“As businesses continue to adopt both IaaS and PaaS cloud platforms, [IT teams] struggle to protect their organization’s valuable data while minimizing the threat surface of cloud and hybrid cloud workloads,” wrote Andras Cser, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research in a recent report. “Kaspersky Lab extends malware protection to hybrid cloud workloads… [Its] Cloud Security solution provides cloud-assisted AV protection optimized for server workloads, vulnerability assessment and patch management, and application binary monitoring.”

“Keeping in mind how much valuable data is now stored in the cloud, it is critical for businesses to ensure they have holistic protection and visibility across all cloud platforms,” said Vitaly Mzokov, solution business lead, Kaspersky Lab. “Our philosophy is to create a well-balanced blend of best-of-breed protection, resource efficiency, and enterprise-level orchestration capabilities for public and private cloud environments. We are sure that this combination will provide our customers with a secure migration to Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud within their digital transformation projects.”


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