Cohesity boosts application testing and development with cloud-based test/dev and automated cloud data protection

Cohesity, provider of hyperconverged secondary storage, announced on Wednesday new capabilities that empower organizations to leverage the public cloud for faster application testing and development while ensuring seamless backup and recovery.

Cohesity DataPlatform now includes CloudSpin, providing organizations with instant access to their backup data in the cloud for application testing and development (test/dev), eliminating manual processes that typically take weeks to complete. For organizations that are developing cloud-based applications, Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition, with DataProtect, is a modern, web-scale backup solution to integrate with public cloud snapshot APIs to deliver automated data protection. Together, these new capabilities help organizations transform their secondary data – such as backup copies – from an idle and expensive insurance policy into a valuable asset for rapid new application development.

Cohesity DataPlatform is a hyperconverged platform designed to consolidate all secondary storage and data services at web-scale. Consolidate backup data, files and objects on distributed storage with best-in-class space efficiency and zero-cost copies. By converging data services on Cohesity, including data protection, in-place search and analytics, and provisioning of test/dev copies, users can build a data fabric that extends from the edge to the cloud and enable multicloud data and application mobility.

As enterprises develop and deploy more applications in the cloud, they must ensure equivalent enterprise-class data protection. Existing backup solutions lack web-scale enterprise-class backup capabilities to recover cloud-based workloads. Cohesity brings an enterprise-grade approach to the backup of cloud workloads by integrating with public cloud snapshot APIs from AWS and Azure, which brings a new level of automation to the backup and recovery process in the cloud.

Cohesity DataProtect auto-discovery and auto-protect ensure that backups scale automatically as cloud-based workloads are added or deleted, and even allow administrators to automatically set backup policies for different tiers of cloud VMs to match SLA requirements. This not only provides a greater level of confidence that all data is protected, but also frees up significant time and resources that administrators typically devote to backing up cloud-based VMs.

“We are excited about the prospect of utilizing CloudSpin to enable faster access to data for test/dev in the cloud,” said Marlon Wenceslao, senior systems manager at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. “The combination of CloudSpin with native API integration in the cloud will enable us to elegantly accomplish our dual objectives of implementing test/dev and data protection in the cloud within a single offering.”

“Cohesity’s new CloudSpin technology looks to expand on its unified model for hybrid cloud adoption that offers data and workload protection, as well as multi-cloud-capable replication, tiering, and archiving,” said Steven Hill, senior analyst, storage technologies, at 451 Research. “CloudSpin also introduces the ability to use backup data for test/dev in the public cloud, which enables instant data access, application portability and overall greater agility in the application development process.”

“While we have seen significant advances in cloud computing to support application infrastructure, enterprises are still struggling with the complexity of creating copies of their data for test and development,” said Lynn Lucas, chief marketing officer, Cohesity. “With this new release, we are further simplifying the data center. Now organizations can use their backup data to accelerate test/dev while consolidating their secondary storage silos to greatly reduce operational complexity.”   

A growing number of enterprises are moving application testing and development onto public cloud infrastructure, taking advantage of its agility and elasticity to speed time to market. With Cohesity CloudSpin, users can instantly convert backup data stored on Cohesity DataPlatform into a new virtual machine (VM) for test/dev in the cloud. This replaces legacy approaches to test/dev that require developers to submit requests for data copies and infrastructure capacity, which can take weeks or even months to fulfill.

Now, Cohesity delivers instant access to data copies both on premises and on demand in the public cloud – all through a unified platform – so that enterprises can dramatically accelerate their application development processes.


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