Bacula Enterprise Edition 10 caters to the needs of cloud service providers with business-oriented backup and recovery

Bacula Systems announced on Monday Bacula Enterprise Edition 10, featuring BCloud Service, a user-oriented front-end designed to safely delegate simple and restricted backup administrator tasks to an end user. This version continues to lead in high-performance backup and restore for large enterprises and managed services providers.

This new feature, combined with cloud management tools, provides hosting companies and data centers with a range of tools to reduce costs, generate more revenue and operate more efficiently.

Bacula Enterprise Edition 10 also includes significant extensions to its VM Performance Backup Suite, with native integration of Xen and Proxmox added to its existing Hyper V, KVM, and VMware capabilities, making it broadly compatible and scalable backup solution for virtual environments.

The features of Bacula Enterprise Edition 10 include BCloud Service, for MSPs to enable their own customers to, among other things, create and manage their own backup jobs, restore files, and do LDAP authentication; deliver expanded REST API for MSPs to allow high levels of customization with maximum Pool Bytes tool to set parameters for BCloud Service users. It also offers integration of Xen into Bacula’s VM Backup Performance Suite; and integration of Proxmox into Bacula’s VM Backup Performance Suite.

The latest offering provides advanced functionality with databases Microsoft SQL, MySQL, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite and Exchange; granular control over data that needs to be restored from the cloud, reducing operational exposure to cloud costs and boosting business agility; and provides faster backup and restores to and from the cloud, at the lowest cost.

“Today’s announcement makes Bacula one of the most productive, flexible, broadly compatible backup and restore solutions available in the industry today. Not only MSPs, but all large organizations can deploy this solution for their entire physical virtual and Cloud environments regardless of architecture – all from a single platform,” said Frank Barker, CEO, Bacula Systems.

“MSPs, Cloud providers and hosting companies need software that helps their business, unlike the legacy vendors’ unrealistic charges based on outdated licensing models. Bacula offers a more modern pricing structure that both limits costs and increases the predictability of costs, combined with features that are more relevant to their needs,” said Aristide Caraccio, VP of Sales and Marketing at Bacula Systems.


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