Thinfilm debuts CNECT Blockchain Services for product provenance, supply-chain traceability, secure transfer of ownership

Thin Film Electronics ASA launched on Wednesday CNECT Blockchain Services to enable product traceability and secure transfer of ownership capabilities in the CNECT Cloud Platform. By combining the inherent security and ease-of-use of NFC technology, CNECT Blockchain Services streamline the integration of blockchain’s advantages into both supply chain and consumer-facing applications.

Built into Thinfilm’s CNECT Cloud Platform and powered by the Ethereum blockchain app platform, the offering allows manufacturers, brands, and distributors to strengthen supply chains while enhancing NFC mobile marketing engagement with product traceability and transparency information – through the tap of a smartphone.

CNECT Blockchain Services link each product tagged with a Thinfilm NFC SpeedTap tag to a specific, permanent, and unalterable digital history that can be validated by consumers. In this way, brands can increase consumer trust by providing a transparent, easy-to-access account of a product’s history, from farm to fork or from production to e-commerce delivery.

Consumers interacting with blockchain-enabled NFC smart products and packages can also access dynamic, cloud-driven digital marketing experiences in addition to seeing a full and transparent account of a product’s life cycle, including provenance, transport and recycling information, as well as item authentication.

Traceability of provenance, transparency regarding freshness, and product sourcing information all affect consumer purchase intent and satisfaction. According to an industry survey, 94 percent of consumers indicate loyalty to brands committed to transparency, and nearly three in four say they would likely pay more for such offerings. Changes in consumer awareness and increased regulatory scrutiny make supply chain integrity a priority in a wide range of industries, including food, wine & spirits, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty, and industrial products.

Enterprises can procure unique SpeedTap tags and leverage Thinfilm Blockchain Services to add transparency to their supply chains. The blockchain mobile app – integrated with the CNECT platform – allows enterprise users to verify the history of NFC-tagged items and transfer ownership to others within a supply chain, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Whenever a transaction is made, it is permanently and unalterably recorded in the blockchain to enable future access. It also allows end-consumers to participate in downstream transactions.

“By combining blockchain with NFC, Thinfilm is extending the capabilities of the CNECT Cloud Platform. As NFC allows brands to communicate directly with consumers following a simple tap, blockchain integration ensures trust and transparency that can lead to stronger supply chains and more satisfied customers,” said Christian Delay, EVP Software for Thinfilm. “By integrating blockchain services into the CNECT Cloud Platform, Thinfilm is continuing its mission of enabling the Internet of Everything for enterprises and consumers.”

Thinfilm released last week its newly designed CNECT Cloud Platform 2.0. The upgrade features expanded analytics capabilities and an enhanced digital experience builder, giving marketers and agencies the ability to create and measure experiences delivered through the tap of a smartphone.

CNECT Cloud Platform 2.0 include a cleaner, more intuitive user interface (UI); enhanced tag-management capabilities to simplify tag management at scale; streamlined templates to simplify creation of dynamic NFC-triggered consumer experiences based on time, location, and multi-stage interaction; and improved control over analytics and visualizations that provide insights into both product-level and user-level interaction across product batches and experiences.

Thinfilm CNECT Blockchain Services are available, and are expected to be deployed in market by customers starting third quarter of this year.


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