Red Hat increases adoption of OpenShift on OpenStack to power infrastructure and application modernization

Red Hat, provider of open-source solutions, announced on Monday that global organizations including Banco Multiva; Genesys; and UKCloud have deployed a fully open hybrid cloud infrastructure based on Red Hat technologies.

By implementing the Linux container and Kubernetes-based Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on massively-scalable cloud infrastructure offered through Red Hat OpenStack Platform, these organizations are accelerating their digital transformations with infrastructure that is designed to be as flexible and automated as the workloads running on it.

Linux containers and Kubernetes have become important technologies in digital transformation, enabling enterprises to become more nimble and to better respond to evolving customer and competitive needs. Red Hat’s deployment-ready solutions enable organizations to more easily build cloud-native applications, deploy them, and manage workloads across a hybrid cloud.

To support their digital transformation and better adapt to the unique needs posed by modern applications, while still maintaining existing systems, organizations have deployed the broad hybrid cloud offering, Red Hat Cloud Suite. Built on the backbone of enterprise Linux platform, Red Hat Cloud Suite is designed to help the drive towards digital transformation and adoption of Linux containers by bringing together Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the company’s enterprise-grade container application platform, with massively scalable infrastructure provided by Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Virtualization.

Along with Red Hat CloudForms for hybrid and multi-cloud management, Red Hat Cloud Suite offers a unified, pre-integrated solution for enterprises seeking to advance Linux containers from the developer workstation to mission-critical deployments at cloud-scale for a more digitally-transformed enterprise.

“In today’s business landscape, organizations want to be able to bring products and services to market faster,” said Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift, Red Hat. “Through the increased integration between Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat OpenStack Platform, enterprises around the world are able to build a business-grade cloud infrastructure and also modernize and deliver applications, helping to provide them with a competitive edge.”

Banco Multiva is part of Groupo Multiva, a financial group that has operated in the Mexican market for more than 30 years, and provides its clients with a variety of banking and investment services. Banco Multiva was looking to take its services online, and integrate e-banking into its core system.

The company chose Red Hat Cloud Suite to help modernize its infrastructure, and help decrease the time-to-market of its electronic banking deployment. Within Red Hat Cloud Suite, Banco Multiva deployed Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for application development, which is currently hosted on Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Virtualization — helping to reduce IT expenses through infrastructure consolidation and integrating existing workloads with new technologies.

Additionally, Red Hat CloudForms enables Banco Multiva’s IT operations teams to detect and respond to environmental changes by tracking activities, capturing events, and detecting configuration changes.

“Leveraging our new Red Hat stack has not only helped us to modernize our infrastructure and reduce IT expenses, but it also enabled us to update our service offerings for customers, taking them online faster than we could have anticipated,” said Juan Alberto Muñoz Vela, deputy director of infrastructure, Banco Multiva.

UKCloud is a public cloud services company based in the United Kingdom (UK). The company’s Cloud Native Infrastructure (CNI), based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, is used by organizations across the public sector in the UK, including healthcare. More recently, UKCloud launched its Cloud Native Application Platform (CNAP), a container management platform that is based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

UKCloud selected Red Hat to be the technology partner behind its OpenStack and container platforms for its experience in open source; UKCloud wanted to deliver solutions that offered choice and flexibility for its customers but wanted enterprise-grade platforms. Red Hat’s experience in taking open source software and making it business-ready provided UKCloud with greater confidence that it could deliver an open source platform with fewer compromises.

“As we seek to help our customers in the UK public sector move to cloud-native and containerized environments, UKCloud wanted to use open source tools in order to remain true to its principles in terms of delivering choice and flexibility,” said Simon Hansford, CEO, UKCloud. “Our customers have really appreciated the combination of Red Hat’s ability to take open source software and make it enterprise-ready, and UKCloud’s deep understanding of the public sector market and its ability to innovate to help meet their particular needs. Together, UKCloud and Red Hat have not only succeeded in delivering client value through a series of successful implementations, but UKCloud has also gained global recognition with being a joint winner of the global OpenStack SuperUser Award at the Boston OpenStack Summit last year.”


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