Trilio unveils version 3 of its TrilioVault data protection software, expands to support Red Hat Virtualization

Trilio, vendor of data protection and recovery solutions for OpenStack, announced last week an update of its TrilioVault product. The upcoming Version 3 release expands the company’s backup and recovery capabilities beyond OpenStack for the first time and will support Red Hat Virtualization, Red Hat’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)-powered virtualization platform. Version 3 is expected to be released this summer, with private demos available by request.

TrilioVault Version 3 is compatible with Red Hat’s KVM management product, Red Hat Virtualization, and support for the Red Hat Virtualization GUI; delivers support for S3 storage targets, including AWS and Red Hat Ceph Storage; and includes capture of networks and routers included in workload snapshots. It also delivers expanded lifecycle cloud management support including Red Hat Director, Salt, and improved Red Hat Ansible Automation support, and leverages the Red Hat CloudForms management GUI for both Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Virtualization.

TrilioVault’s agentless, software-only solution is native to OpenStack and KVM, providing self-service protection and recovery of entire workloads to the users of each platform. Foundationally architected for the cloud, TrilioVault can scale quickly with zero performance degradation. With TrilioVault, businesses have total control to back up their clouds in a way that’s recoverable and requires little-to-no central IT administration.

“Most modern organizations are standardizing on open source, increasingly moving toward KVM-based technologies as part of multiple private clouds, or a combination of private and public clouds,” said Murali Balcha, Chief Technology Officer of Trilio. “This release is Trilio’s first step to providing data protection for all our customers—regardless of whether they are supporting a private or hybrid infrastructure—as they strive to protect the stateful information stored in their clouds.”

“As an avid user of OpenStack for nearly 10 years, TrilioVault has a unique ability to control backups, restore and manage in the same self-service portal unlike any other product out there,” said Aurimas Baubkus, IT Products Manager at Telia. “We’re always improving our offerings to make our customers more competitive and improve their processes. TrilioVault is an obvious choice for us as it does something that no other vendor offers.”


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