Apcela releases enterprise-grade software-defined monitoring offering for scanning and reporting on network and application performance

Apcela, an application delivery company, announced Tuesday availability of AppMon, an enterprise-grade, software-defined monitoring solution for network and application performance. AppMon focuses on enabling enterprises to locate application-specific performance problems quickly and reduce time-to-diagnose and time-to-repair issues.

Integrated with Apcela’s Enhanced Analytics Platform, AppMon addresses a crucial requirement for enterprises operating mission-critical applications, providing the necessary visibility into applications operating across multiple clouds (public or private) or deployed in hybrid configurations (via third-parties and/or behind firewalls),l with pinpoint clarity.  

Apcela’s AppMon is a network telemetry and monitoring agent that constantly scans and reports network and application performance giving insight into performance issues and optimization opportunities. Through network instrumentation, AppMon gives enterprises the ability to identify application performance information across underlay and overlay networks, enabling infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams to locate application-specific performance problems faster, thereby reducing time-to-diagnose and accelerating time-to-repair.

Additionally, it delivers enterprise users the performance insights necessary to accelerate application performance across infrastructures and to achieve the long-term potential of migrations to hybrid IT configurations.

AppMon monitors and communicates the state of the network in real-time, providing a critical linkage between network infrastructure and application performance. Deployed across the enterprise, each AppMon sensor runs a configurable set of synthetic network and application performance tests. These tests deliver a continuous stream of telemetry data over Apcela’s high-performance, low-latency backbone for analysis and proactive remediation via EAP. Data can also be collected at the user and application level for transmission and processing by the analytics platform.

As a result, enterprise infrastructure managers and CIOs can easily identify, monitor and remediate poorly performing applications and performance issues either with the network itself or inside the application. AppMon works to instrument and baseline both network- and application-specific performance across underlay and overlay networks, creating a more efficient way to monitor their environments.

Data collected from AppMon can be integrated with SD-WAN performance data to identify patterns, correlated events, and improvement opportunities. Moreover, AppMon is the only tool that is fully integrated with Cisco SD-WAN and embedded in Apcela’s ultra-high-performance network.

“With our focus on application performance, AppMon enables organizations to monitor all of their critical applications and manage their networks through a single pane of glass.  AppMon stands alone as the only solution that monitors underlay and overlay networks along with application performance concurrently,” noted Mark Casey, CEO of Apcela. “Greater visibility is key for customers to better understand the performance of cloud applications and networks, so they can easily and quickly pinpoint and resolve issues.”


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