NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform strengthens cloud data services line to enable analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities

NetApp released on Tuesday NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform that offers customers a fully-managed, cloud-native file storage service that’s integrated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This release is the initial step in a partnership that combines the reach of NetApp’s data services, backed by hundreds of thousands of customers, with Google Cloud’s leadership in application development, analytics and machine learning.

In addition, NetApp introduced a high performance, cloud-connected flash system to power artificial intelligence (AI) and compute-intensive applications, as well as innovative new software to ensure superior cloud-architected infrastructure for data retention compliance. The company unveiled these innovations at its new Data Visionary Center, an immersive executive briefing center experience.

Harnessing all the data required for effective AI applications is a challenge for traditional solutions. NetApp brings together public cloud data services and the most cloud connected flash solutions, through the Data Fabric, to help customers automate and monetize their data assets.

NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform is a fully-managed, cloud-native file storage service which speeds developer access to resources and simplifies management. NetApp’s automated syncs, NetApp Snapshot copies and rapid clones will support free-flowing data, allowing developers to accelerate workspace creation and build cycles.

The service is ideal for the migration of any workload including file services, analytics, database, disaster recovery and DevOps. Now, customers have a simpler way to move data back and forth between on premises and the cloud.

“Companies are on different paths to the cloud, each with unique dependencies,” said Diane Greene, CEO, Google Cloud. “Google Cloud and NetApp are committed to simplifying the journey, meeting customers where they are, and accelerating innovation. NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform —a high-performance storage service with advanced management features—gives our customers the freedom to move to the cloud at their own pace.”

“Companies are increasingly looking at using data and cloud technology to accelerate their businesses,” said George Kurian, CEO of NetApp. “As the leader in hybrid cloud data services, NetApp is uniquely positioned to help them create new market opportunities by rapidly deploying new technologies. Only NetApp makes it easy to integrate data with performance-leading flash and the world’s leading clouds for elastic compute and powerful analytic engines.”

Power artificial intelligence and compute-intensive applications with an enterprise all flash array designed for high performance and cloud. The AFF A800 is an end-to-end NVMe enterprise platform that achieves consistent sub-200 microsecond latency from application host through to data storage while offering industry leading enterprise-grade efficiency, security, and flexibility powered by NetApp ONTAP 9.4 software.

It accelerates SAN with a software upgrade to NVMe over Fibre Channel for select ONTAP-based systems; shrinks storage footprint with the industry’s first support of 30TB SSDs, and better meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy requirements by being able to selectively purge data.

NetApp also announced intelligent cloud services further reduce total cost of ownership. The NetApp FabricPool feature automatically tiers cold data from primary storage to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, reducing capacity costs. NetApp Active IQ technology provides new cloud-based analytics predict future performance needs and identifies unprotected data to optimize operations.

StorageGRID now provides superior next-generation, cloud-architected infrastructure for financial and personal data retention compliance as one integrated resource across public and private clouds.

NetApp StorageGRID technology automates tamper proof retention of critical financial and personal data. With an increased focus on data analytics, StorageGRID customers retain and manage an unlimited amount of rich media including recorded calls, scanned contracts, and email archives with confidence that all customer data is compliant with varying local, federal, and international data compliance regulations.


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