Micro Focus announces availability of Vertica in Eon Mode with Vertica 9.1 to offer cloud economics and workload management

Micro Focus announced on Wednesday Vertica 9.1, the latest major release of its Vertica Analytics Platform. This release features the general availability of Vertica in Eon Mode, which separates compute resources from data storage to enable organizations to optimize cloud infrastructure costs and simplify operations for their Vertica cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As a result, Vertica customers in the AWS ecosystem can now load and store high volumes of data into AWS S3 to leverage lower storage costs, dynamically spin up new compute resources in minutes and turn off compute resources when no longer needed using Vertica’s query-optimized ANSI SQL advanced analytics engine. This helps organizations with variable workloads to reduce infrastructure costs, while simplifying database administration.

In addition, organizations now have the broadest choice of deployment options in the industry for on-premise, natively on Apache Hadoop, hybrid, and cloud workloads – delivered through the unified Vertica analytics database.

Modern data-driven organizations manage a wide variety of variable workloads that produce different usage demands. When coupled with exploding data volumes across every industry, organizations require a unique approach to cost-effectively store their data, while delivering fast and comprehensive data analytics with optimized compute resources as needed.

Moving data in and out of data stores is time consuming, and provisioning for storage and compute resources for peak demand scenarios is costly. Given these volatile and rapidly changing scenarios, organizations need to ensure that they can handle dynamic workloads and evolving data analytics requirements, while safeguarding their data lake investments.

“The cloud has incredible potential for BI and data warehousing through truly fast and flexible data analytical platforms that feature separation of compute and storage architectures,” says Rohit Amarnath, CTO and Founder of Full 360. “Through our benchmark testing, Vertica in Eon Mode has proven to deliver incredibly fast performance and rapid elasticity for dynamic analytical workloads. We anticipate meeting the growing demand for on-premise to cloud migrations as well as new analytical workload projects that will be best served through this new, cloud-optimized architecture.”

After a rigorous beta program, Vertica in Eon Mode is now generally available to ensure organizations can handle the most dynamic workloads and evolving data analytics requirements. In fact, one large beta customer achieved 30 percent faster load rates without any tuning, six times faster query performance, and eight times faster node recovery than their previous Vertica AWS deployment— with lower AWS infrastructure consumption that resulted in dramatic cost savings.

Vertica in Eon Mode includes a new caching mechanism on the nodes that enables the separation of compute and storage without any compromise on the speed and breadth of all Vertica analytical functions, including time series, geospatial, pattern matching, and the full suite of in-database machine learning.

“Vertica’s pure-software, hardware-agnostic approach has enabled our customers to deploy in a wide variety of configurations—from embedded solutions to the clouds and beyond,” said Ben Vandiver, Chief Technology Officer and architect of Vertica in Eon Mode, Micro Focus. “Vertica in Eon Mode on AWS represents a transformational step from integrating with cloud services to a core architecture that natively capitalizes on cloud economics—with the full suite of advanced analytics functions and in-database machine learning—while supporting efficient elasticity that aligns consumption with need.”

“It is critical for us to provide our clients, the games sector’s leading publishers and developers, with deep and rich player data to maximize engagement and revenues,” said Chris Wright, Founder and CTO at DeltaDNA. “With Vertica 9.1, we can analyze in-game clickstream data to identify trends quickly and provide exceptional query performance to meet our customers’ expectations every day.”


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