ClearSky Data adds scale-up NAS capabilities to combine flash performance, cloud elasticity, built-in backup and disaster recovery

ClearSky Data, provider of on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and DR as a service, announced on Monday expanded support for network attached file systems. The company’s hybrid-cloud, scale-up network attached storage (NAS) service lets customers extend large file workloads to the cloud, paying only for what’s needed, with built-in disaster recovery and complete data accessibility from anywhere.

ClearSky delivers a fundamentally different NAS solution complete with offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR) as a fully managed service. It eliminates the need to regularly upgrade, over-provision and protect expensive pools of storage. With ClearSky Data, all data is fully protected automatically at no additional charge.

The ClearSky NAS service offers the flexibility and on-demand nature of the hybrid cloud, giving companies the mobility they need to access all data quickly. The service includes high performance storage with minimal footprint; integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos and other authentication services; Microsoft SMB support; support for user and group policies for storage allocation; automated cloud-based backups and disaster recovery; unlimited scale leveraging ClearSky Data’s cloud provider partners; end-to-end encryption; and storage cost reduction of more than 50 percent.

Companies are struggling to store and protect massive file workloads, including video and audio files, medical images and records, and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) drawings.

Traditional on-premises NAS systems cannot meet this demand without introducing performance bottlenecks, infrastructure complexity, data center sprawl and cost. This fragmented NAS approach without cloud integration makes it nearly impossible for companies to store and protect all of their data, or ensure it is available on-demand and at scale. ClearSky’s architecture delivers hybrid fully protected scale-up NAS without limits, giving organizations the performance and security of local flash arrays with the elasticity of the cloud.

Partners HealthCare’s Enterprise Research IS (ERIS) team is using the ClearSky hybrid cloud service to manage, store and protect their large file data sets. According to Brent Richter, Director of Enterprise Research IS & Associate Director Partners IS Operations, “Our team of researchers need on-demand access to large file data sets to support their work. ClearSky allows us to extend to the cloud while fully protecting our data, and our team pays only for the storage that’s needed. This flexible approach may reduce our NAS costs, particularly when our security and privacy demands fully encrypted, highly available file-based storage.”

“The ClearSky service is ideal for healthcare providers and research institutions to deliver hybrid NAS that enables deeper, faster analytics on large data sets for their users,” said Ellen Rubin, CEO and co-founder of ClearSky Data. “Organizations like Partners HealthCare are doing work that impacts everyone in society, and this technology helps them derive better outcomes, faster.”


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