Aerohive adds GDPR compliance to its public, private, portable cloud networking architecture and HiveManager Network Management Application

Aerohive Networks, a cloud networking vendor, announced that it has enhanced its public, private and portable cloud networking architecture and the HiveManager network management application to address compliance requirements resulting from the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Aerohive welcomes GDPR and has implemented a comprehensive set of compliance-enabling new functionality in Aerohive’s HiveManager network management system (NMS) developed to assist customers and partners in addressing the “rights to request” and “rights to forget” that are stipulated by GDPR.

It accomplishes this by searching for, downloading, editing and deleting personal data that may be present in HiveManager, as well as by logging these activities and generating GDPR audit reports. An example of these features is shown in the screenshot.

GDPR is the EU’s response to growing public concern about the importance of personal data protection. It aims to strengthen the security and protection of personal data by giving EU residents a higher degree of control over of their personal data, and how it is used in the digital economy. It applies to all organizations that collect, handle and process personal data of EU residents, independent of the organization’s location.

Earlier this month, Aerohive Networks launched A3, a new vendor-agnostic Secure Access Management solution that introduces a comprehensive, yet simplified approach to IoT, BYOD, corporate, and guest device onboarding, provisioning, and access control requirements. Aerohive’s entrance in-to the Secure Access Management space is directly attributed to the need for streamlining the user experience and simplifying day-to-day operations, as well as enabling IT departments to address the unabated proliferation of connected devices that has effectively dissolved the traditional security perimeters of the access network.

Currently IT departments require solutions that can address all devices on the network, including wired and wireless IoT, BYOD, guest and corporate devices.

A3 brings its streamlined user experience to a range of highly relevant use cases, including sophisticated device profiling and automated onboarding for IoT devices currently deployed on the network or being added in the future; comprehensive functionality required for onboarding Guest and BYOD devices, with a powerful captive web portal that provides a highly customizable and seamless user experience with tailored network access rights; cost-effective and simplified management of Corporate clients with enterprise features, such as built-in 802.1X certificate deployment and Active Directory integration; and comprehensive network access control that ensures continued device compliance with automated enforcement and remediation, which further helps to reduce IT workload and simplify operations.


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