cPacket releases cClear-V to offer scalable management, visualization and analytics for high-speed networks

cPacket Networks announced this week cClear-V, a virtualized version of its cClear network performance dashboard and distributed data collectors. Rapidly deployable throughout the distributed corporate network, cClear-V provides a single pane of glass management, without the need for dedicated server hardware.

As a virtualized version of cClear, cClear-V can be flexibly deployed through standard hypervisor virtual machines or Docker containers, allowing real-time acquisition of key performance indicators from cPacket’s cVu traffic sensors on the network.

Furthermore, cClear-V scales seamlessly as additional monitoring points are created. cClear-V’s distributed architectures allows data to be collected where it’s needed, reducing unnecessary data transfers across the management network.

cPacket’s product architecture, augmented by integral analytics, makes it ideal for troubleshooting network issues, analyzing network performance to anticipate future issues and capacity planning.

With cClear-V, IT and networking personnel can take advantage of a single, integrated workflow that allows for moving between capturing network behavioral information and capturing packets for analysis by cPacket’s cStor arrays – reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) when monitoring and troubleshooting issues on the network.

Set to be available from the third quarter this year, cClear-V is a key component of cPacket’s management suite, which enables unified command and control of all cPacket devices – from packet brokers to packet capture tools, and for speeds of 1Gbps through 100Gbps – reducing OpEx over the long term by enabling engineers to avoid repetitive troubleshooting issues on the network.

“Our customers have been asking us for virtualized distributed management solution that scales as well as our cVu does for network traffic sensing,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks. “cClear-V is the ideal solution. With cClear-V, network operators can deploy the functionality they need and at network locations where it’s needed. No other management console combines the complete visualization and management of all packet brokers, packet capture devices and traffic sensors on a network.”

In March, cPacket announced new features to its cClear platform that enables customers to improve monitoring and fault identification on 40Gbps and 100Gbps networks.

The new capabilities offer a range of customer benefits including 40Gbps Encapsulated Remote Switch Port Analyzer (ERSPAN) Type III termination functionality; consistent timestamp extraction across network streams generated by third-party devices; and dynamic truncation combined with new and advanced cSearch features will provide users with highly customizable visibility into the network.


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