Infortrend GS 5000 based on Intel’s Xeon E5 8-core processor to boost performance and efficiency for data centers

Infortrend Technology announced this week its EonStor GS 5000, a high performance storage system designed for data centers that comes loaded with Intel’s Xeon E5 8-core processor and features a powerful throughput performance of 22 GB/s.

With support of 4 independent expansion slots connecting to a maximum of 1680 drives (more than 20 PB), 16 expansion host boards for maximum connectivity of 64 x 16Gb/s Fiber Channel, and up to 1TB of memory expansion, the EonStor GS 5000 delivers exceptional data throughput, connectivity, and expansion.

Furthermore, advanced protocol support (8/16 FC, 1/10/40GbE and 56 GbE InfiniBand, etc.) and unified storage architecture (NAS + SAN + cloud) allow enterprise users to meet the most demanding performance of data centers while retaining the flexibility of targeted deployment.

EonStor GS 5000 comes with the EonOne management tool, allowing IT personnel to monitor and manage multiple systems from one central interface and stay on top of storage conditions anytime, anywhere with complete event notifications. The built-in Cloud Storage Gateway feature can integrate with various cloud services such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud for capacity expansion, data backup and cloud cache.

“The powerful throughput of EonStor GS 5000 can effectively boost the performance and efficiency required by modern data centers, making it the perfect choice for enterprises looking for high performance storage to process massive amount of data,” said Thomas Kao, senior director of product planning at Infortrend.

Based on much improved hardware and firmware, EonStor GS line can handle file level protocols including CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP and FTP; block level protocols such as Fiber Channel, iSCSI and SAS.By integrating these protocols and harnessing the power of Intel’s multicore CPU, EonStor GS family delivers flexibility and high performance in two configurations: all-flash and hybrid.

As an all-flash system, it delivers up to 700K IOPS, 23,000MB/s block and 17,000MB/s CIFS bandwidth. Moreover, by offering hybrid features such as SSD Cache, protocol translation between local NAS/SAN and cloud storage services, and automated storage tiering, EonStor GS family guarantees exceptional performance at every level of operation. This performance and efficiency can also be found in cloud storage integration with deduplication and compression features, which ensure the efficient use of bandwidth to extend data to the cloud and lower overall costs.

The EonStor GS can integrate with cloud storage, and data can be optimally allocated between EonStor GS and Cloud through smart algorithms, so users can enjoy the best performance and the safest storage. EonStor GS offers comprehensive cloud integration functions for users to choose from cloud tiering, cloud cache and cloud backup. It also offers support for private and public cloud services enables users to choose the option that best suits their budget or data security requirements.

The EonStor GS line provides AES 256-bit encryption for data-in-flight and data-at-rest, as well as self-encrypting drives (SED) compatibility, ensuring data is always protected from malicious threats. Furthermore, with integrated SSL, links between server and client are also encrypted.

Unexpected disk failures, natural disasters and power outages all up the risk of data loss. EonStor GS line also ensures this risk is minimal with its integrated backup functions such as Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR), snapshot, local replication, remote replication and file-level rsync.

The system supports built-in SMB 3.0 failover and multipathing to handle failures. Also, designed with redundant dual controllers and non-single-point-of-failure hardware components, it ensures business continuity at all times.


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