Datadog boosts DevSecOps, zero trust strategy with Cyxtera’s AppGate SDP; meets stringent security standards

Infrastructure company Cyxtera Technologies announced this week that Datadog, a monitoring platform for cloud-scale applications, has implemented AppGate SDP, a network security solution that dynamically creates encrypted, one-to-one network connections for secure user access.

AppGate SDP provides an adaptive “software-defined perimeter” that increases resilience, simplifies management complexity and reduces costs. Leveraging the principles of Zero Trust networking, AppGate helps organizations dramatically reduce the attack surface of enterprise networks and provides a distributed and agile cloud-scale access control solution built for today’s hybrid enterprise IT.

With their highly-automated DevSecOps process, Datadog needed a simplified, cohesive platform to manage user access. Previously, the company relied on traditional VPNs and jump hosts, which left an unacceptable level of risk and provided an unsatisfactory user experience.

With AppGate SDP, Datadog automatically grants access by creating encrypted AppGate ‘Segment of One’ network connections between each developer and the resources they are entitled to use. AppGate SDP supports Datadog’s rapidly-changing DevSecOps environment allowing flexible network access patterns that support rapid application development.

As a result, Datadog was able to meet stringent security standards while pursuing an aggressive Zero Trust strategy. Cyxtera’ s AppGate SDP enables Datadog to automatically provision user-based, dynamic, and strengthen the security of network access to their AWS environment.

“AppGate was able to address our requirements around segmentation, performance and user experience while aligning with our DevSecOps philosophy”, said Andrew Becherer, Datadog Chief Security Officer. “This is especially important to Datadog as we continue to rapidly expand our user count over the next couple of years.”

“Datadog is a great example of a leading-edge company using technology as a competitive advantage,” said Ricardo Villadiego, EVP and General Manager, Secure Access & Fraud Protection, Cyxtera. “Andrew and his team set the bar high when it came to securing user access and Cyxtera was excited to help them find the right solution with AppGate SDP. And because AppGate easily integrated with Datadog’s existing identity and authentication platforms, it helped them maximize the value of their existing investments while providing a secure access solution built for the cloud and well-aligned with the Zero Trust model.”


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