Datica now part of Cloud Native Computing Foundation; expands commitment to Kubernetes

Datica announced on Monday that they have joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a silver member. Datica has always been a huge proponent of the open source community, with more than 500 stars on the company’s open source policies, and joining the CNCF demonstrates its commitment to contributing to the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Datica recently migrated its security and compliance platform to Kubernetes, a CNCF project, to offer a complete cloud-native solution for regulated industries such as healthcare. Datica enables organizations to manage the compliant state of their entire enterprises in one actionable view — across multiple clouds and within multiple industries.

In addition to being cross-cloud compatible and open source, the CNCF Kubernetes community and project have grown at a tremendous pace. In fact, the CNCF announced Datica as one of its 19 newest members this week, bringing the membership level to 236 companies. What really makes Kubernetes a viable option is not the core project itself, but the community of tools and add-ons that surround it.

“The intent of open source is to provide community-vetted projects for the benefit of others, who then freely build upon them to solve other complex and pressing problems,” explains Travis Good, MD, CEO and chief privacy officer. “Datica is a big believer of the value and spirit of open source and, with our open source policies, has already taken the concept beyond bits and bytes to words and legalese that can often bog down a digital health enterprise hoping to bring swift change to the marketplace.” Good continues, “We’re extending our commitment to the open source community by joining the CNCF to collaborate with other Kubernetes developers who are trying to build secure and compliant products.”

“We’re thrilled to have Datica as one of our newest silver members,” says Dan Kohn, executive director of the CNCF. “Other members of the cloud native ecosystem who are also developing products for highly-regulated industries such as healthcare will benefit from resources and contributions from Datica.”

In March this year, Datica announced its next-generation platform to manage HIPAA compliance on top of AWS and Microsoft Azure. The evolved version of the Datica Platform extends security and compliance expertise in three critical ways to better serve healthcare organizations – the platform uses Kubernetes as its underlying container orchestration, granting customers greater technical flexibility; the move will also allow customers to install the Platform on their own AWS or Azure cloud accounts; and compliance coverage is extended to include GxP, GDPR, and SOC 2.

Kubernetes is now the fundamental technical management layer for the platform. Since 2015, Kubernetes has become the industry standard for container management, lending the best tools for workload deployment on public clouds.


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