Zefflin releases ServiceNow plugin for Red Hat Ansible 2.0 to integrate DevOps and ITSM processes

Closing the automation loop for the application development lifecycle, cloud automation, ITSM and DevOps solutions firm, software consulting firm Zefflin Systems announced next generation Release 2.0 of its ServiceNow Plugin for Red Hat Ansible. Integration of DevOps and ITSM processes represents the last mile of DevOps where the automation loop is truly closed between request and deployment processes.

Zefflin is a technical consulting and software company. As a solutions integrator, it offers cloud transformation and automation of the enterprise computing environment from application development to IT operations. Its focus is on data center automation, IT Service Management, public and private cloud solution implementation and integration across multiple vertical markets. Zefflin is a ServiceNow Sales and Services Partner and a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner with a combined 26 accreditations in CloudForms, OpenShift, Ansible and Ceph Storage.

The company offers advanced, cost effective solutions to customers in the areas of request/catalog management, automated provisioning (OS, application, database, storage, and network), policy governance and compliance for the entire computing infrastructure.

Zefflin’s Plugin Release 2.0 enables use of ServiceNow Catalog and Request management modules to facilitate deployment options for users; capture requests and route them for approval; and invoke Ansible playbooks to auto-deploy server, storage and networking. In addition to Catalog and Request Management, Zefflin’s Plugin 2.0 provides full integration to ServiceNow Change Management for complete ITIL-compliant auditability and updates the CMDB to record topology of deployed applications, infrastructure and Incident Management to enunciate and assign support if the deployment is unsuccessful.

The release delivers support for AWX so that customers who use the open source version of Ansible can integrate into ServiceNow. It also features automated catalog variable creation. Zefflin’s Plugin 2.0 reads the target Ansible playbook and automatically creates the input variables in the ServiceNow catalog entry. This feature reduces implementation time and maintenance effort. New playbooks can be onboarded in less time.

Zefflin’s Plugin 2.0 extends the amount of information returned from an Ansible playbook and logged into the ServiceNow request. This enhancement improves the audit trail and provides a higher degree of process control.

Last June, Zefflin announced that it has teamed up with GigaSpaces Technologies to provide its customers with open source cloud orchestration. In referring customers to GigaSpaces Cloudify, Zefflin enables its clients to automate key IT operations functions, such as application provisioning, governance and compliance using portable orchestration content featuring Cloudify.

For application development and IT operations organizations, it represents the opportunity to lower implementation costs, avoid vendor lock-in, improve speed of delivery, and dramatically increase staff productivity at a price point significantly lower than traditional enterprise software solutions.


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