WSO2 launches early access development support for its Ballerina cloud native programming language optimized for integration

The growth of digital services, mobile apps, and connected devices is creating an explosion of endpoints—from APIs to events, data streams, microservices, serverless apps, and other digital assets—that all need to be integrated. This demand is leading organizations interested in bringing agility to their integration practices to turn to Ballerina, a cloud native programming language optimized for integration. To support early adopters of the open source language, WSO2 introduced on Monday the Ballerina Early Access Development Support package.

Ballerina is a simple programming language whose syntax and platform address the hard problems of integration. Ballerina is a general-purpose, concurrent, transactional, statically and strongly typed programming language with both textual and graphical syntaxes. It brings fundamental concepts, ideas and tools of distributed system integration into the language. These include distributed transactions, reliable messaging, stream processing, workflows and container management platforms. Ballerina is an open source project under the Apache 2.0 license and is developed by the Ballerina community.

As a founder of the Ballerina open source project, WSO2 is encouraging organizations to participate in the Ballerina community, as well as provide feedback and share their experiences.

In response to some adopters’ requests for a more formal support option, WSO2 now offers Ballerina Early Access Development Support, which provides unlimited query support under the WSO2 service-level agreement (SLA). This option is available to participants who create at least one referenceable publication about Ballerina, such as an article, review, or blog posting. In exchange, participants gain access to favorable early access pricing.

“Ballerina was created to address the central role integration is playing in the development of next-generation apps that each manage tens to hundreds of endpoints,” said Jonathan Marsh, WSO2 vice president of business experience. “We want to welcome organizations to the Ballerina community to experience how integration can be significantly simpler and more agile. Through our Ballerina Early Access Development Support package, we’re facilitating the development efforts of early adopters and providing a way to thank them for sharing the insights they gain.”

The Ballerina Early Access Development Support package is available until the Ballerina language 1.0 release is launched. Pricing is US$500 per developer seat, with a minimum package of five developers. WSO2’s standard query support SLA applies.

With global demand for the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform growing as enterprises seek agile approaches for securely integrating the apps and services that drive their digital businesses, WSO2 also announced that the company has expanded the WSO2 Partner Program to support local, regional and global systems integrators (SIs), solution providers, and service delivery partners.

The WSO2 Partner Program is focused on establishing partner relationships that define a clear business value for customers, ensure sound architecture design and the optimal performance of products, and address each customer’s critical success factors (CSFs). In less than five years, the program has already seen a number of WSO2 partners grow to 150-plus person operations by collaborating with WSO2 on customer engagements and extending joint marketing initiatives.

The expanded WSO2 Partner Program adds several new initiatives aimed at enabling partners to build their expertise and role in successfully implementing WSO2’s platform, extend their joint marketing and social media initiatives with WSO2, and grow revenues from customer engagements.

Additionally, the program has grown to include seven levels of engagement to address the many different ways that organizations can team with WSO2. WSO2 is also kicking off its first Partner Advisory Board (PAB), which will be chaired by Javier Rul Correa, CEO, Chakray Consulting, S.L., a WSO2 Premier Partner.

The expanded partner program also now offers a pathway for partners that have earned WSO2 L2 certifications to achieve a most valued professional (MVP) classification of distinction. The MVP classification for any product specialty is based on L2 certification in that product, work performed, and contributions to the WSO2 community.

This creates an additional path of growth beyond Level 1 and 2 certifications and an opportunity to be showcased as having superior partner staff credentials. The WSO2 partner pool of knowledgeable WSO2 engineers is approaching 500 professionals.

Microservices increasingly are becoming the software architecture of choice as enterprises seek to deliver apps and services with greater agility, resiliency, reliability, performance and efficiency. However, as thousands of microservices replace hundreds of enterprise apps, agile development is hindered by the heavy footprint and waterfall orientation of the legacy technology used to securely integrate them.

To address this challenge, WSO2 also announced on Monday the Summer 2018 Release of its WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, which supports an integration agile approach to implementing microservices.

WSO2’s Summer 2018 Release features several new product developments and service offerings designed to support microservices architectures. The latest version of the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform brings new capabilities to its integrated API management, enterprise integration, analytics, and identity and access management (IAM) offerings. Additionally, it is backed by new WSO2 Platform Licensing to support enterprise environments that are deploying middleware as a dynamic collection of services or microservices.

By delivering its functionality via a cloud native, open source platform, WSO2 facilitates the agility and innovation required to thrive in rapidly evolving markets driven by disruptive technologies and digital business models—while protecting organizations against lock-in. Now with the Summer 2018 Release, WSO2 brings platform-wide support for the agile development and deployment of highly distributed, lightweight microservices.


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