LiveAction releases LiveNX server appliance for network management installations requiring a ‘plug-and-play’ solution

LiveAction, provider of IT network management, visualization, and analytics software, announced Wednesday LiveNX Server Appliance, its hardware appliance for the LiveNX network management platform. This plug-and-play solution optimizes flow-processing, reporting, and analytics while simplifying deployment for large-scale global networks. General availability is planned for next month.

LiveAction’s recent acquisition of Savvius enabled the accelerated delivery of the server appliance, built on decades of expertise optimizing hardware appliances for network management.

The appliance accelerates network performance monitoring by processing over one million flows per second; LiveNX Server Appliance will be deployed with the latest version of LiveNX 7, providing advanced visibility and analytics of Cisco SD-WAN deployments and Cisco DNA-Center integrations; network monitoring that supports SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, NetStream, and APIs for systems integration; plug-and-play for fast deployment; and hardware acceleration of functions to improve performance of SLA reporting, analytics processing, and multi-domain data source ingestion.

Customer requirements for deployment flexibility of LiveNX in production SD-WAN environments drove the demand for this new appliance. Software-defined networking and streaming telemetry creates an exponentially larger volume and velocity of data than traditional networks, requiring significant data processing capability to achieve the unprecedented sophistication and simplicity of network management offered by LiveNX.

With the LiveNX Server Appliance, organizations have the choice of using a dedicated, high-performance appliance or their VM infrastructure to support their LiveNX installation.

“While customers continue to value the deployment flexibility of our public cloud and server VM options, a large segment of the largest global enterprises are looking for the speed and simplicity of a plug-in appliance,” said John Smith, CTO at Live Action. “Our recent acquisition of Savvius allowed us to not only deliver that appliance quickly, but their extensive hardware tuning experience also means we’re immediately setting a new industry standard for performance and scalability. And this is only scratching the surface of our synergies; there’s a lot more to come from the new LiveAction.”


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