HYCU debuts purpose-built data protection solution for Google Cloud Platform; delivers fully managed backup as a service

HYCU Inc., an enterprise software company that deals in data backup, recovery and monitoring for clouds, announced on Monday its latest innovation, HYCU for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a fully managed backup-as-a-service for customers running their mission critical applications and virtual machines (VMs) on Google Cloud. Now Google Cloud users and service providers looking for an easy-to-adopt Backup as a Service, can subscribe to HYCU for GCP right from the GCP Marketplace.

HYCU is a fully managed data protection service for GCP. HYCU for GCP was built with cloud operations management in mind. Users simply need to subscribe to the service, choose the required data protection service level objectives (SLO) for their VM/Applications instances and HYCU takes care of the rest.

To ensure SLO compliance, HYCU takes care of backup scheduling, automates retention and storage tiering from primary, VM instance and snapshot storage, to secondary backup (regional or multi-regional) and archival (Nearline or Coldline) Google Cloud storage.

Unlike traditional legacy backup vendors, HYCU treats Google Cloud as a platform. It uses native Google Cloud snapshots and leverages Google Cloud’s snapshots not just for backup, but also for recovery. HYCU also automates the process of creating backup targets on Google Object Storage and thus provides the right level of protection without additional overhead.

HYCU eliminates the load on production VMs and applications by offloading the backup process to HYCU. HYCU reduces the management and system overhead that legacy backup providers using agents typically create. HYCU also provides application consistent backup and clones.

“Building on the strategic technology development work we have done with Nutanix, our latest introduction provides a purpose-built data protection solution for Google Cloud users that need a powerful yet easy to use managed service,” said Simon Taylor, CEO at HYCU. “With HYCU for Google Cloud Platform, we’re introducing a cost-effective and purpose-built solution. No longer do users have to settle for legacy backup solutions that do not provide exactly what they need. Now, they can reap the full benefits of Google Cloud without having to sacrifice simplicity or the power of the platform.”

“Protection of data in the cloud and to the cloud is a core research focus at ESG. Technologies like Google Cloud Platform are highlighting how important it is to have new ways to approach data protection,” said Christophe Bertrand, Data Protection senior analyst at ESG. “The continued work that HYCU is doing around backup and recovery for multi-cloud environments first with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and now with Google Cloud Platform is resulting in an effective approach to backup as a managed service. The solution now provides a strong option to address data protection for VMs, apps and important workloads for Google cloud users. It is impressive to see HYCU continue to innovate and to develop solutions that prior legacy backup providers have not to date.”


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