SentinelOne unveils alliance with Cofense to deliver autonomous protection and human verification for advanced phishing defense

SentinelOne, an autonomous endpoint protection company, has partnered with Cofense, provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions worldwide, to integrate human-verified phishing intelligence using Cofense Intelligence directly into SentinelOne’s autonomous endpoint protection console. This partnership empowers incident response and SOC teams to both detect targeted phishing attacks and autonomously respond to them in real time.

SentinelOne delivers autonomous endpoint protection through a single agent that successfully prevents, detects and responds to attacks across all major vectors. Designed for extreme ease of use, the S1 platform saves customers time by applying AI to automatically eliminate threats in real time for both on premise and cloud environments and is the only solution to provide full visibility across networks directly from the endpoint.

Cofense, formerly PhishMe, is provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions world-wide. Cofense delivers a collaborative approach to cybersecurity by enabling organization-wide engagement to active email threats. Its collective defense suite combines timely attack intelligence sourced from employees with best-in-class incident response technologies to stop attacks faster and stay ahead of breaches. Cofense customers include organizations in defense, energy, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing sectors that understand how changing user behavior will improve security, aid incident response and reduce the risk of compromise.

Through this integration, security teams can autonomously detect and respond to potential threats based on credible, human-verified phishing intelligence. Cofense offers a RESTful API that SentinelOne pulls for file hash indicators and cross-correlates in the SentinelOne agent. This constant pulling of intelligence into the SentinelOne agent provides security teams with visibility into any endpoint communicating with dangerous phishing file hashes in order for them to be quickly identified, investigated and remediated.

“Email phishing has withstood the test of time and even in today’s ever-growing and expanding threat landscape it continues to be a primary attack vector for most malicious payloads,” said Daniel Bernard, VP Business & Corporate Development, SentinelOne. “This integration with Cofense provides our customers with a true blending of man and machine in order to leverage the strengths of both to prevent harmful targeted phishing attacks. Truly autonomous protection that incorporates valuable human insight provides our customers the highest possible confidence when facing global phishing threats.”

“Every day, phishing attacks successfully bypass perimeter defenses to penetrate secure environments, giving cyber attackers a foothold in an organization’s network,” said Allan Carey, VP of Business Development at Cofense. “By combining human intelligence with autonomous endpoint protection technologies, this partnership allows security teams to successfully find and disrupt phishing attacks before they take hold in the organization.”


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