New SoftNAS SmartTiers Cost Savings Calculator computes savings from public cloud storage costs by using SoftNAS Cloud 4

SoftNAS announced on Tuesday general availability of a simple-to-use, cost-savings calculator for public cloud storage called SoftNAS SmartTiers Cost Savings Calculator. The calculator is able to show customers how much they can potentially save on storage costs from public cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure by using automated storage tiering feature of SoftNAS Cloud 4.

The SmartTiers Cost Savings Calculator provides customers with a simple, clean interface for entering in a few key data points and then dynamically presenting in graphical form what the cost for public cloud storage would be both with and without using SoftNAS SmartTiers, as well as, the potential savings that could be achieved with SoftNAS SmartTiers. After filling out the simple and quick registration form, users also receive detailed email reports. The multi-page detailed report breaks down the potential costs and savings over a three year period.

As noted in the “Data Age 2025” white paper (sponsored by Seagate), IDC forecasts that by 2025 the total worldwide data will balloon in size to 163 zettabytes. For companies looking to store data in the public cloud, balancing cost, availability and performance presents a challenge. Being able to calculate the optimal amount of public cloud storage costs based on specific use cases will become a critical component for determining what applications and data will be moved into the cloud.

The tool, which is free of charge and accessible from the SoftNAS website, is intended to help companies pinpoint and quantify the storage cost savings associated with moving their applications and data from on-premises data center environments into the public cloud.

SoftNAS SmartTiers is a patent pending, automated storage tiering feature that delivers optimal price/performance for cloud storage that moves aging data from more expensive, high-performance block/SSD storage to less expensive object storage, according to customer-set policies, reducing public cloud storage costs by up to 67 percent and is currently available for beta testing.

Object storage is up to 20 times less expensive than SSD storage in the cloud. SmartTiers Cost Savings Calculator pinpoints how much SoftNAS can save customers while continuing to deliver top-notch performance results.

“The SoftNAS SmartTiers Cost Savings Calculator demonstrates that users of SoftNAS Cloud 4 can potentially realize significant savings on their public cloud storage costs from cloud infrastructure vendors like AWS and Azure. SoftNAS has delivered a cloud breakthrough with its automated storage tiering technology (SmartTiers) and the web-based tool that allows companies to plug in their own numbers to test various storage tiering options for maximum cost savings — not just with one public cloud vendor’s storage options but between different cloud storage vendors,” said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland.

“SoftNAS Cloud 4 provides the unique ability to save customers up to two-thirds of their public cloud storage costs, without sacrificing application performance. SmartTiers is such a game-changing capability that customers are telling us that without SmartTiers, they can’t afford to move large applications and data into the cloud. The new calculator makes that business calculus fast and easy, and SmartTiers paves the way for customers to both save money and get the performance they need in the public cloud. It’s the difference between cloud storage being affordable versus a non-starter compared to on-premises for many customers,” said Rick Braddy, CEO and founder of SoftNAS.

SoftNAS Cloud 4 is available in three product editions that run on AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware vSphere. With the release of SoftNAS Cloud 4, customers can now launch all SoftNAS Cloud products on-demand, directly from the AWS and Azure Marketplaces to spin up cloud data solutions with SmartTiers in minutes with no prior purchasing approvals.


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