iVision brings to market multi-cloud DRaaS/BaaS capabilities in collaboration with Equinix

iVision, an IT consulting and managed cloud service provider, announced this week plans to offer third-generation DRaaS and BaaS cloud offerings in collaboration with Equinix, the global interconnection and data center company.

The expanded capabilities will leverage infrastructure by hyperscaler cloud providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Development of these new features coincides with Equinix’s recent acquisition of Infomart Dallas, a 1.6 million gross-square-foot facility (one of the largest interconnection hubs in the U.S.), where iVision currently hosts and operates a large subset of its Fusion Recovery (DRaaS) and Fusion Protect (BaaS) cloud-based service offerings.

With the variety of new features and choices available in cloud infrastructure for backup or DR, customers using the iVision Cloud Fusion platform will be able to build towards a true multi-cloud strategy, while keeping the operations, procedures and support centrally managed by iVision’s engineering and support staff.

As customer demand grows, iVision has already begun working closely with key clients to preview some of the new Fusion multi-cloud capabilities leveraging the features of ECX Fabric, for example, low-cost high-speed direct access into Microsoft Azure cloud storage for offsite backups. Development and testing efforts are expected to speed up through the remainder of the year as iVision increases its focus on supporting customers’ multi-cloud initiatives.

“We’re very excited to see Equinix’s acquisition of the Dallas Infomart location; a key location for hosting the infrastructure that powers our Fusion cloud offerings,” states Eric Aslaksen, CTO of iVision. “Being able to leverage the newly expanded Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric), puts our network and security edge closer to the hyperscalers infrastructure, a key element in our multi-cloud strategy, and an integral component for how we plan to evolve our Fusion service platform into its third generation.”

“By providing direct and secure access to iVision’s Cloud for Backup & DR on Platform Equinix, we can help enterprises interconnect with the leading cloud hyperscalers and fully realize the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud in a trusted, secure, low-latency deployment,” said Equinix Vice President of Global Partners & Alliances, Greg Adgate.


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