Newisys NSS2560 debuts NVMe enterprise storage offering for ultra-high performance applications; enables high throughput

Newisys, a product division of Sanmina Corp., announced Newisys NSS2560 and is showcasing this product at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit. The patented side-loading design of the NSS2560 provides improved storage density, high capacity and low latency for applications that require maximum performance, including financial services, fraud detection and real-time marketing.

In addition, the NSS2560 platform includes a balanced system architecture for maximum system performance in this highly available enterprise-grade platform.

Currently shipping, the Newisys NSS2560 offers performance level at 50 GB/s (reads) over four 100Gb Ethernet ports, 12.5 million IOPs (reads) and 64 GB/s bandwidth to drives between both servers. Its patented side-load design houses fifty-six 2.5 inch NVMe drives in a 2U form factor, enabling high performance storage of up to 1.68PB (includes both dual-node server modules); takes full advantage of NVMe technology, resulting in low-latency across the drives, the system and between server nodes.

The platform provides 32 PCIe lanes to the NVMe drives, and 32 PCIe lanes to the network; comes enabled by dual-ported, hot-swappable NVMe drives and a fully redundant architecture; and provides a smaller footprint and the highest density and capacity for improved operating expenses and a balanced system with no over-provisioning for the lowest capital expenses.

Over the past two years, NVMe storage architecture has been disrupting the flash storage market, dramatically improving bandwidth, IOPs and latency for high performance applications. The NSS2560 platform is a dense HA solution that provides a tremendous amount of storage in a small package. Its enclosure contains two hot-swappable server modules. Each of the servers is a dual socket Skylake server with two x16 PCIe add in card slots, and up to 8 DIMMs per CPU.

The NSS2560 fits into an industry standard 19-inch wide by 1.2m deep rack, and its flexible configuration allows it to be deployed in a variety of applications.

“The NSS2560 provides industry-leading density, capacity and throughput, making it a compelling solution for ultra-high performance applications,” said Tom Coughlin, founder and Digital Storage Analyst at Coughlin Associates. “Adding to their already broad line-up of NVMe solutions, Newisys is well positioned to excel in this rapidly evolving segment of the storage market. Backed by the scale and global reach of its parent company Sanmina, Newisys has a big advantage.”

“Newisys offers the broadest NVMe storage product portfolio in the market, enabling us to provide optimized NVMe platforms for a wide range of best-in-class applications and use cases,” said Dan Liddle, VP of marketing at Newisys. “With the Newisys NSS2560, we’ve designed a breakthrough NVMe all-flash solution that provides market-leading density and unprecedented capacity in the most efficient and cost effective platform available today.”


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