JetStream debuts cross-cloud data protection software that combines continuous data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery without snapshots

JetStream Software Inc. announced Tuesday JetStream Data Protection, enabling cloud service providers an advanced solution to deliver data availability services to enterprise customers. The JetStream Data Protection software joins the already available solutions, JetStream Accelerate and JetStream Migrate, as part of the JetStream Cross-Cloud Data Management Platform.

The JetStream Software Data Protection software provides a spectrum of data protection capabilities for an on-premises VMware environment, including non disruptive continual data replication to the cloud for data protection, virtual machine failover to a cloud-based virtual business continuity service, virtual machine backup to cloud-based NFS stores and/or object stores, policy-based availability for cost-efficient SLA management per recovery group with extreme low-latency replication through non-volatile memory logging.

The key components of the JetStream Software Data Protection Platform include IO Filter, a software component deployed to each VMware host, for continuous data capture for every virtual machine in the protected recovery group; Data Availability Policy Engine, a management component that defines data replication and instance recovery policies for each recovery group; with low latency replication log whose mechanism for maintaining the replication log, can be deployed on a highly available non-volatile memory appliance for near-zero RPO with minimal impact on application performance.

The platform also features Cloud Store Adapter software that pre-processes data for backup to a specific object store or NFS store, including deduplication and garbage collection. Its crash-consistent data pipe comes with high-throughput, multi-channel connection that provides a crash-consistent transfer of data from the on-premises data center to the cloud destination, ensuring data continuous consistency, and includes a cloud acceleration tier that enables both near-zero RPO and efficient use of cloud resources.

Many traditional backup technologies still capture data in intermittent snapshots, which introduces latency in application performance and limits the minimization of recovery point objectives (RPO). As an alternative to snapshots, some technologies capture data input-output (IO) through software agents or virtual appliances, methods that introduce a number of performance and compatibility problems. Continuously capturing data through an IO Filter does not suffer those drawbacks.

In VMware environments, the JetStream solution enables continuous data capture through the VMware vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO), ensuring compatibility with the entire VMware environment, including any type of on-premises hardware such as SAN, NAS, Virtual SAN or other hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

As it employs the VAIO framework for continuous data capture, the solution doesn’t require software agents in the virtual machines, doesn’t require a virtual appliance in the data path, and is a fully supported VMware Ready solution.

The JetStream Software engineering team collaborated with VMware as the co-design partner for the IO Filter API framework. JetStream Software has already released two products based on the IO Filter APIs: JetStream Accelerate for cloud resource and performance optimization and JetStream Migrate for seamless live migration of VMs to the cloud.

“We have the ability to continuously capture data for recovery in real time, as it’s being written to storage, but that’s just the start,” said JetStream CTO Serge Shats. “Beyond capturing data through the IO Filter, we have to satisfy a considerable number of objectives.”

These objectives include no degradation of application performance on premises; high scalability, to support environments with thousands of virtual machines; low latency replication logging, for scalable continuous data replication; support for multiple, concurrent availability policies, assigned per recovery group; replication to the recovery destination most appropriate for each policy, from a warm; crash-consistent connectivity with each recovery destination with multiple recovery options like point-in-time (CDP), or whole group failover (DR).

There are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of VMs across the data center, and they’re constantly writing data. “It’s a firehose of data I/O,” explained Shats. “If the connection to the cloud, relatively speaking, looks more like a garden hose, you have a problem. So to provide a highly scalable solution for data replication to the cloud, we employ 1) a low-latency environment for the replication log on premises; 2) the multi-channel, high-throughput data pipe to transport data to the cloud; and 3) a high-performance data acceleration tier in the cloud recovery destination.”

JetStream Accelerate and JetStream Migrate are currently available. The JetStream Cross-Cloud Data Protection Platform is in technology preview. All JetStream Software products are distributed via enterprise technology resellers, cloud service providers and managed service providers.


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