Cirrus Data debuts data protection capabilities to create zero downtime for storage migration; includes heterogenous data protection

Cirrus Data Solutions (CDS) announced latest software release of its DMS platform that delivers data management and data protection capabilities, to further develop the company’s vision of offering full data management across the enterprise.

The new release of DMS now provides data synchronization and secondary storage snapshot/cloning automation to facilitate heterogenous cybersecurity protection and data protection/recovery functionalities for any brand of primary storage. With the patented TDI technology, these new use cases of DMS can be deployed into any FC/iSCSI SAN storage environment transparently for any brand of storage without downtime and without requiring changes to the hosts, switches, or the primary storage.

DMS is a data management and migration solution, enabling organizations to manage data between physical and virtual servers as well as the cloud to ensure data integrity and security.

Headquartered in Syosset, New York and with offices located in Le Plessis-Robinson, France, and Nanjing, China with sales and support offices in Boston, Chicago, Tampa and Denver, Cirrus Data is a technology provider of data management solutions for data migration and data protection for physical, virtual, or hyper-converged storage solutions. The company distributes its solutions through systems integrators, managed service providers, channel resellers, and partners including Dell/EMC, HPE, Infinidat, IBM, NetApp, Pure Storage, CDI, Computacenter, Datalink / Insight, ePlus, Mainline, Sirius, WWT and many others.

The software release also delivers critical pMotion functionality that transforms DMS into the only heterogenous data migration solution for fabric-level storage migration that requires absolutely zero application level downtime from end-to-end. The ability to complete a storage refresh, migrating the storage workload to the new storage and retiring the old storage on time without requiring application downtime significantly increases the ROI to organizations across the globe.

Finally, data security is a top priority for organizations of all sizes. High profile ransomware attacks emphasize the need for backup and recovery plans that restore applications and services rapidly. For organizations with heterogeneous data storage environments, there is a strong desire to offload the security scanning and analysis to separate secondary storage where safe copies are kept for future recovery needs. This approach ensures the primary storage is focused on servicing primary I/O operations without being impacted by secondary operations.

The latest version of DMS facilitates separation of primary and secondary operations with an integration point for interaction with any storage vendor’s array enabling snapshots using the array’s native API after every periodic resynchronization.

As a strategic solution in the data center, DMS can enable true data mobility and now offers universal storage synchronization across heterogenous data storage technologies. Utilizing its industry leading dedupe and compression technology, DMS can securely replicate data with 5 to 10 times the bandwidth savings over unlimited distance.

“Cirrus Data Solutions is proud to work with some of the largest storage technology organizations in the world,” said Wayne Lam, founder and CEO, Cirrus Data Solutions. “The strategic relationship CDS has with its customers and data storage industry partners has helped shape our product innovation plans. The new functionality unveiled today is another step in the evolution of our product line to support comprehensive cybersecurity, data management, and data protection practices in enterprises around the world.”

“As the data management industry continues to evolve, CDS looks forward to helping our global partners and customers address their expanding needs with innovative solutions that change the expectation for data protection and availability,” concluded Lam.


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